Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The primary use of PEX pipes is known to all.

The primary use of PEX tube is known to all. Yes, it is mostly used as water pipes transporting water from one area of the house to another. Today, the plumbing setup of a house is incomplete if these pipes have not been used. Even construction workers today prefer to PEX pipes rather than PVC pipes because of its efficiency & cost-effectiveness.
Another area where these types of pipes are used extensively is hydronic radiant heating systems. Since these pipes are extremely flexible & lightweight, they can be used anywhere in the house without too much of a difficulty. When PEX pipes are being used for heating systems, Oxygen Barrier PEX such as Therma PEX, Wirsbo He PEX, Multicore PEX-al-PEX etc. are normally used.