Monday, February 1, 2010

Pex Tubing and water floor heating system

The above arguments can be regarded as sufficient justification for the choice of warm water floor. However, when talking about the strengths, we can not point out the weak. But they exist and have discussed the type of heating. The first major drawback is the choice of floor covering, under which passes the water floor heating system with PEX Tubing. Not every cover is suitable for such a thermal system, particularly not recommend to mount it under the floor, covered in carpets. The most advantageous in terms of monetary cost to install water-heated floor in a newly built house, will be more costly installation of such heating during repair work in the already built environment. In addition, during the installation of the system will have to raise the floor a few inches, which may create difficulties with the operation of the doors. Despite the fact that in the future exploitation of water heating costs is relatively cheap, its installation is more expensive than installing an electric floor heating. In a word, making the choice in favor of the water floor heating, is to weigh and consider all the pros and cons of this type of heating so that in future not to spend extra money on his immovability.