Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glazing of balconies and loggias

So, let's see, what is the difference between balconies and loggias, and what unites them. In general, inside the house or apartment balcony and a loggia apparent differences may not have - in both cases it is separated from the room space is often much smaller in area and performs the function of a kind of "buffer" between housing and outer space. However, if you look at the facade of the house from the street - differences can be seen immediately. Sunrooms, forming vertical rows of "not issued" forward, ie frontal plane of the loggia and the building facade are virtually identical. Balconies on the contrary, grouped vertically and horizontally to form a distinct relief on the facade of the building, in other words, you can always "stand under the balcony." But if you need PEX Tubing visit

Glazing loggia, balcony glazing - different names, are one Glazing of balconies and loggias today is very popular and for good reason.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PEX tubing terms

In order to keep the water could be safe for drinking, in North America, it is often treated with disinfectant, usually chlorine. It is reported that only in the United States, approximately 68% of water utilities to maintain the content of residual disinfectants in the treated surface water is the introduction of chlorine. Moreover, the relative amount of chlorine used more by large companies that supply water, the majority of the population. Chlorine is a strong oxidant, even with relatively small quantities used for the treatment of drinking water. He therefore has an impact on the life of almost all materials pipeline systems, both new and traditional, serving for water supply to the building. It is about the PEX pipe, fittings, taps, valves and even shower heads.

PEX radiant heating

In other cases, installing a sleeve in the construction element where it passes through a PEX tube is necessary in order to be dismantled when the need of a PEX tube without destroying the element. Criterion, of course, not unambiguous. If the need is dictated by force majeure, then, as practice shows, such cases are extremely rare. And to equip each building element (of many millions) cartridges is unlikely to be useful. If you bear in mind the complete replacement of polymer piping (the life which, for example, in cold water, is 50 years old, and PEX radiant heating - 25 years), the appropriateness of the use of such shells is also not clear.

Requiring mandatory sealing the space between the PEX pipe and sleeves to be established in the building elements, of course, true. This must be done in order to exclude the penetration of odors and insects from one room to another. Clearly, insects (bedbugs and cockroaches) should not penetrate to the neighbor. Also, do not want their possible movement, for example, from the kitchen to any room.

Friday, June 11, 2010

PEX radiant heating systems

How to carry out such terminations? It is obvious that the space between the pipe and sleeve, located in the partition, you can stop the material from which you may not require sealing. But if the sleeve is in the ceiling, it is likely to ensure the tightness of sealing would be a requirement. This is because in case of accident, such as risers water PEX radiant heating systems of MT of PEX pipe, water should not pass through the gap between the pipe and sleeve on the lower floors. Concerning the amount of shells and determination of the liner protrusion beyond the building elements should bear in mind these considerations:

* A requirement that the shell appeared at 50 mm above the ceiling, I think, not in all cases may be mandatory;
* With this value is acceptable for the premises (for example, bathrooms or showers: they tend to provide waterproofing beneath the floor), where possible the rise of bottled water level above that mark a clean floor. This sealing sleeve around the pipe must be sealed;
* In some cases, be sufficient, if bush will speak from the floor by 5-7 mm;
* Excessive protrusion sleeve outside wall hardly advisable. The shorter the sleeve, the less will it cost and, consequently, the cost of its installation. It seems to be quite enough to not be any obstacles for the finishing works (plastering, painting, wallpapering, tile, etc.);

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Requirement for PEX tube installation

The Regulations require that decisions in the work of PEX pipe should be certified for compliance with Canadian technical standards; pipe water supply systems is also essential hygiene certificate.

Unfortunately, our country has not yet approved for mandatory use of precise testing methods for PEX pipe and not all enterprises engaged in their certification, with the necessary stands. Therefore, it is believed that while the domestic certificate of compliance may not always be considered sufficient proof of the suitability of pipe for heating and hot water. You can suggest to consider when buying a pipe availability of foreign certificates and reputation of the manufacturer.

No less important is a confirmation of the connecting elements. Should be applied only fitting to the type and size of pipe used. Western manufacturers will not accept responsibility for the quality of equipment, when their pipes are joined by the "Left" details.

Among the foreign companies has been the practice when the fittings from different manufacturers have their own characteristics. If this does not screw connections, installation of which is carried out by conventional wrenches, it is necessary to install them "corporate" tool. Such devices are also in the range of manufacturers of PEX pipe. The snap-release and specialized companies. For example, Brazetek manufactures devices for pressing fittings, providing them with interchangeable attachments for mounting the fittings of the largest firms.

Technology of PEX pipe


Today the technology of PEX pipe in heating systems and water enough worked out. Western producers, represented in canada, accompanied by your product manuals and regulations and are ready to answer for its money only in accordance with the designers, installers and repairers of their claims.

In our country developed and implemented a set of rules for the design and installation of PEX tubing systems, heating (SP 41-102-98), as well as domestic hot and cold water (SP 40-103-98).

It should comply with the requirements and other regulatory documents on the relevant equipment, including a set of rules "Design and installation of water and sewage systems with pipes made of polymer materials. General Provisions.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Leaders and outsiders in Tankless Water Heater Market

If left unattended too expensive for the Canadian market of water heaters (for example, by Stiebel Eltron (Germany)), can be called a number of storage water heaters with an optimal balance of price and quality. The most popular instruments of this class are supplied by the Italian company Ariston. It's inexpensive and high quality Tankless water heaters are especially well-buyable in the Canadian regions. In second place - water heaters Group Lorenzo (Italy), trademarks and Thermex ISEA). Third place goes to Wester (UK). The good reputation enjoyed by the Italian Tankless water heaters Idropi and Like. By the well-known, but expensive devices are owned firms model Austria Emal (Austria) and Tatramat (Slovakia). Among the new, but rather aggressive market participants include specialists company Baxi (Italy) and Gorenje (Slovenia). Among outsiders - Dimplex (Germany), Drazice (Czech Republic), EuroTankless water heater (Italy), Thermina (Finland), Demir Dokum (Turkey).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Selection of Tankless water heaters

As noted by American dealers, the greatest demand is for Tankless water heaters with capacity from 50 to 200 liters. Most chassis size - 100-120 hp. Typically, these devices are bought for cottages (in the standard urban apartment, they would occupy too much space). For the city, usually purchased heaters with capacity of 10, 30, 50 liters. This is enough for washing, washing dishes, and even light showers. 100-liter water Tankless water heater can fully satisfy the need for hot water and small family (the rate of consumption per person is 30-50 liters per day). In Canada, the peak sales of such devices is in June-July, when city dwellers go out to the dacha. In August-September growing interest in high capacity water heaters - are almost finished construction of new suburban homes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Popular models of heat transfer plates

Current models of heat transfer plates of any type can be used in single-and twin-tube in radiant heating systems. They are executed as in the end, and in the transit options are valve to release air tube stub to drain the coolant, if necessary, equipped with LUX thermostats expansion valve with manual and automatic control for PEX Tubing and PEX fitting.

heat transfer plates foreign proceedings are in demand by those whose radiant heating systems meet European performance standards. Typically, the owners of country cottages, in radiant heating systems, which are anti-freeze coolant or water, trained. Which import heat transfer plates deserve attention? The list of devices and companies producing them, would take more than one page, so restrict ourselves to examples.