Monday, November 22, 2010

The power of PEX tubing

PEX pipe is a stuff or material which is used in buildings of various entities for the water supply systems. It is constructed from highly cross linked polymers which are called as HDPE which stands for high density polythene polymer. Now days it has replaced those old ordinary metal and rigid plastic pipes and has made it to fit in variety of the applications. It is accepted and tested by most of the users to be the most advanced stuff that is present in the market for the construction of the different water supply systems along with many accessories.

Today it is gaining much popularity because it is considered easy and simple to install than other pipes. It is widely used in the applications like radiant floor heating systems and other Pex plumbing systems because of its durability. The reason behind PEX durability is that it is resistant to large factors that cause squalor in the pipe. A PEX pipe is used in radiant and hydronic water systems to distribute heat through the water. It is mainly due to these heating structures that this pipe is much insulated.

PEX pipe comes in different sizes depending on the diameters of the entities. These pipes are available in the market in sizes like 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and in 1 inch. This PEX tubing is present in some common colors like white, red and blue and black. The blue and red color is used to distinguish between cold and hot water supplies.

There are several PEX tools available for making various plumbing joints and PEX fittings that can be used depending upon the need. They fall in the category of PEX crimping tools and occasionally also called PEX extensions. PEX is used in the large applications like for domestic purpose, electric cables, natural gas and for the transportation of the sewage and slurries.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Installing PEX Plumbing

The Viega PEX Press connection system requires a Viega PEX press tool, Viega Press Sleeves, and Viega Press fittings. Pex Tools are used on PEX tubing which is quickly becoming one of the most used types of tubing for new installations.

PEX tools are designed for installing PEX Plumbing and Radiant Heat systems. These tools include PEX Pipe Cutter, J- PEX Clamp with nail and Plastic Socket.