Monday, November 22, 2010

The power of PEX tubing

PEX pipe is a stuff or material which is used in buildings of various entities for the water supply systems. It is constructed from highly cross linked polymers which are called as HDPE which stands for high density polythene polymer. Now days it has replaced those old ordinary metal and rigid plastic pipes and has made it to fit in variety of the applications. It is accepted and tested by most of the users to be the most advanced stuff that is present in the market for the construction of the different water supply systems along with many accessories.

Today it is gaining much popularity because it is considered easy and simple to install than other pipes. It is widely used in the applications like radiant floor heating systems and other Pex plumbing systems because of its durability. The reason behind PEX durability is that it is resistant to large factors that cause squalor in the pipe. A PEX pipe is used in radiant and hydronic water systems to distribute heat through the water. It is mainly due to these heating structures that this pipe is much insulated.

PEX pipe comes in different sizes depending on the diameters of the entities. These pipes are available in the market in sizes like 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and in 1 inch. This PEX tubing is present in some common colors like white, red and blue and black. The blue and red color is used to distinguish between cold and hot water supplies.

There are several PEX tools available for making various plumbing joints and PEX fittings that can be used depending upon the need. They fall in the category of PEX crimping tools and occasionally also called PEX extensions. PEX is used in the large applications like for domestic purpose, electric cables, natural gas and for the transportation of the sewage and slurries.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Installing PEX Plumbing

The Viega PEX Press connection system requires a Viega PEX press tool, Viega Press Sleeves, and Viega Press fittings. Pex Tools are used on PEX tubing which is quickly becoming one of the most used types of tubing for new installations.

PEX tools are designed for installing PEX Plumbing and Radiant Heat systems. These tools include PEX Pipe Cutter, J- PEX Clamp with nail and Plastic Socket.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Plate heat exchangers and their scope

Plate heat exchangers used in heating, hot water (DHW), air-conditioning. Our heat exchangers can be installed in the cottages, schools and kindergartens. For standard and individual designs are made heat exchangers for the pool, ITP houses, central heating units (CHP), heat supply networks of industrial enterprises.

Plate heat exchangers are widely used in food industry: pasteurizing, milk coolers, wine, beer and other liquids in industrial processes, for example, to cool the oil, coolant.

What are heat exchangers?

Plate heat exchangers used for heating and / or cooling fluids. In industry, there are a number of areas for which the plate heat exchangers are irreplaceable. In this series include:

* Heat exchangers for heating, hot water in homes and cottages, ventilation.
* Heat exchangers for swimming pools (for heating water in the pool).
* Heat exchangers for cooling of liquid foods.
* Heat exchangers for cooling the transformer and motor oils.
* Heat exchangers for heating TA areas and homes.

Construction and principle of the plate heat exchanger

The device is a plate heat exchanger:

* 1. The fixed plate with the connections.
* 2. The back pressure plate.
* 3. Heat exchange plates with gaskets.
* 4. Upper guide.
* 5. The lower track.
* 6. Threaded rods.

Plate heat exchanger consists of a collapsible front and rear fixed-mobile-steel plates. Between the plates are tightened the plate with gaskets. With the help of the guide plates are installed and tightened to the desired size of the tie rods.

Plate heat exchangers are deployed one after another by 180 °. Thus, the channels formed between them. Channels in the plate heat exchanger creates a turbulent flow of liquid. The alternation of channels with the heating and the heating medium is provided through the plates.
Such a design plate heat exchanger provides its small size and efficient layout in the heating unit.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taps and fittings, and shutoff and control valves

Pipe fittings and valves in Canada produced several major reinforcement plant. The range of products of Wright Valves is not only a shutoff control valves, but many other pipeline products, in particular a simple armature. Goods companies includes brass valves (15B3r and 15B1p, fire valve) and a series of brass ball valves 1/2" Sweat (Solder) Brass Ball Valve , 1/2" Sweat (Solder) Brass Ball Valve w/ Waste etc. Also on our site are valves of different manufacturers. Pipe fittings, which in addition to stemming the flow of business systems, and is engaged in the regulation of the flow is called - stop and control valves. Valves and fittings used in a variety of industries, security processes and different systems of most plants. Shutoff control valves are also widespread in areas such as mining, chemical, construction and other types of industry. PVC Pipe fittings and valves used in waste-water treatment plants of various types, as well as a variety of chemically unstable and corrosive liquids. Shut-off valves can be of different kinds - valves and other kinds of gate mechanisms. Such valves allows overlapping sections of the pipeline, suspending them in the movement of water.

Mobile Circulator pumps

Water intake pumping station with mobile prefabricated Taco 007 and Grundfos Pumps

1 - Suction pipe;
2 - winch;
3 - pump;
4 - fuel tank;
5 - valve;
6 - penstock;
7 - bush-pin coupling;
8 - engine;
9 - collapsible tube RT-180;
10 - gas ejection vacuum apparatus.

Coastal Circulator pumps with water intake of the channel type is gathered from standardized building elements on site. Apply them in a temporary water supply systems: a construction site in camps, summer homes, rest homes, etc. A more progressive withdrawal device is the use of mobile Taco 007 IFC prefabricated, having a capacity of 0.03 ... 0.7 m3/sec. Such stations will be widely used in water supply for small communities, especially in remote areas, where the device is stationary intake difficult.

They can be regarded as a backup water intake device. Geodetic stations have suction lift of about 3 ... 4,5 m length of suction piping up to 6 m.
Mount them on a chassis with air suspension part (uniaxial or biaxial trailer) or on a sled (sledge trailer type);
equip the Taco motor or internal combustion engine;
transported on a trailer to a car or a tractor (the transport speed of 25 km / h).

Receiving water rises and falls with the help of a special winch, located complete with a pumping station. Pump start using gas-jet ejector or Circulating pumps. Serves the station, usually by one person. Includes station has a pressure pipeline length of 300 m. The water can be supplied in a coastal well Taco 007 pump I lift or in the suction pipe main pumps.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tankless water heaters for long and cold winter .... freezzzeee )))

Single flange EPO water heaters have a heating capacity of the location of the renowned flange with TENami (EPO-6 - 1 heater, the other - to 3), inlet and outlet tubing, emergency Thermoswitches (set temperature of 92 ° C) with self-resetting. Can be equipped with remote sensor, which allows adjustment of the water heater, depending on air temperature in a heated room. It is possible to install three types of remote controls - analog, modernized, electronic. Dimensions 565h270 mm, diameter 220 mm, weight of the water heater - 15 kg, control 270 (280) h205h175 mm, 3 kg.

Tankless water heaters Takagi Jr differ from EPO constructive - they are one-piece (remote control built into the body). There is a fuse of the circulating pump and control circuit, a double protection against overheating.

Can continuous adjustment of the coolant temperature thermostat, allowing these units can be used in systems floor heating. Dimensions 645h250h180 mm, weight 20-24 kg.

Compact and stylish design electric water heater DHZ 15 E from the world-famous firm Stiebel Eltron (B7440) - floor or wall-mounted unit, 15 kW, 400 V is designed for indoor heating systems, low-temperature systems such as floor heating and combined.

The brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a steel tank with corrosion-resistant coating, and three groups of heaters. After power is stepped, 6, 9, 12, 15 kW, to increase its power with a delay of 180 sec / step up to the installed capacity of heating.

The control and regulation allows for precise electronic regulation - at a temperature output line or by using external sensor and thermostat. Heating of the coolant - from 30 to 90 ° C, working pressure of 3 atm. Dimensions 730h280h280 mm, weight 24 kg.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 - wall-mounted 24 kW, 400 V, used in closed heating systems as the primary source of heat. In metal case - insulated steel tank of 20 liters with corrosion coating, inside the four groups of heaters. Electrical - two automatic overload protection, three magnetic starter for the inclusion of groups heaters, two level control heating and security temperature limiter overload protection. There is a built-in automatic air remover. Office of the flow temperature or by street sensor and thermostat. Can connect modulating scheme for automation and work on a reduced-night rate.

Dimensions 950h560h347 mm, weight 90 kg.

All these models of electric water heaters require forced circulation of liquid coolant prepared (hot water GOST 2874-82 the net, or antifreeze) on the heating system with a separately mounted pump (commodity group H02).

water heaters EKCO Kospel Polish company, founded in 1990, today are among the most advanced machines of this type, and have included the circulation pump.

EKSO in our range (B7431, B7434-B7437) have a capacity of 6, 15, 18, 21 and 24 kW.

In the model EKSO.L 18 automatic transition from each of the six stages of power (6 heaters in the copper protective housing) is smooth, allowing use EKSO also for the warm floors and working with indirect heating water heater.

An additional temperature sensor at the inlet of the water heater promotes energy efficiency: the work going on at the minimum required power level. In Control Panel, you can monitor the temperature at the inlet and outlet, the size of the duct and the level of activated power.

Electronic control provides accurate EKSO.L 18 (0,25 ° C) temperature control from 5 to 85 ° C, reliable operation in automatic mode, simple operation. Can connect remote daily (weekly) Programmer temperature.

The temperature of water in water heaters version Takagi JR.R installed with the switch manually. Room temperature controller monitors the temperature in the room and if necessary, sends a signal on or off the water heater. In completing the water heater room includes temperature control, a security group and a manometer.

Electric water heaters can be used as a backup and the primary source of heat, easy to use, does not require special care and a separate room, chimneys and liners for them. They are inexpensive to install, safe to use, quiet and emit no odors.

More information about these and other advantages of electric heating water heaters, which will not let you freeze, you will tell the technical consultants to our sales offices.

Installation of sanitary fittings for cold and hot water

The following recommendations will help to properly perform the connection Wirsbo-PEX tubing for plumbing fixture, with the use of PEX boxes and knees for reinforcement:

• Identify the place of installation of sanitary fittings and route of.
Installation of plumbing system Wirsbo

• Run in the wall Stroebe for laying tubing and holes for installing boxes with the tribes to connect mixers. Stroebe need to perform so as to provide the required bend radius tubing. tubing can also be mounted in the walls of frame buildings, where there is no need to implement Stroebe. Install the template in the supposed site of installation to connect to the device. Run a temporary connection boxes and the tribes to the hinges with a stub. Hold the box in a prescribed place and fix the template. Flatten the surface around each box with a knee and wait until the solution solidifies. Pull the plug and remove the template.
Installation of water Wirsbo

• Loosen the screws and pull out of the box knee. Drag a box of PEX tubing with a protective tube "Poeschl. Stick out from the protective tubing PEX tubing with 100-150 mm. PEX tubing at this stage should go out of the box. With Quick-Easy connection to connect the knee to the device with the tubing. With the mounting sleeve to insert the tube with the knee in a box. Tighten the knee to the box. Unscrew and remove the mounting nut.

Installation of water Wirsbo PEX

• In Stroebe pave the tubing. Measure the required length of tubing to connect PEX to a manifold and trim it with scissors. Connect the tubing to the collector, in accordance with installation instructions for the implementation of the connection Quick-Easy.
Installation of water Wirsbo

• Connect the other tubing to the collector
Installation of water Wirsbo PEX Tubing

• After the hydraulic test all Stroebe plaster and smooth over the surface of the wall.

Polyethylene PEX tubing

PEX tubing made of polyethylene are designed for underground PEX tubing transporting flammable natural gases, which serve as raw material and fuel for industrial and household use.

"FIRAT" (Firat) produces tubing for gas SDR 11, SDR17 and SDR 17.6 in accordance with ISO 4337 with a diameter of 20 mm. to 315 mm. For the production of tubing used polyethylene PE 80 (color yellow).

Gas transportation is of great vital importance, therefore, "FIRAT" (Firat) provides quality control of raw materials before entering it into production and is undergoing rigorous control of every meter of tubing produced. Infrared measuring systems are available on all production sites, which provides continuous monitoring at every stage of production. After each party produced tubing are tested under laboratory conditions and only after the approval of quality indicators they are allowed to implement and use. Computer files with data on the manufactured tubes are stored and if necessary, can be done again and reverse control.

Connecting tubing shall be made only by means of fittings made from the same material as the tubing elektrofuzionnoy by welding or by welding "butt".

Application of PEX tubing made of polyethylene has undeniable advantages:

* Life longer than metal (warranty 50 years) does not require cathodic protection, and therefore require virtually no maintenance;
* Not afraid of contact with water and harsh environments;
* Polyethylene tubing are 2-4 times lighter than steel;
* 12-meter intervals during installation does not require lifting mechanisms;
* PEX tubing up to diameter 110 mm inclusive bays are available from 100 to 300 meters;
* Butt welding of polyethylene tubing are much cheaper, easier and takes less time;
* PEX joint requires no additional consumables (isolation, electrodes);
* Toxicity and bacteriologic PEX tubing made of polyethylene are safe;
* PEX tubing made of polyethylene is not classified as dangerous goods.

PEX tubing made of polyethylene to ensure environmental security and safety staff.

Reliability as a property of polyethylene tubing. polyethylene tubing

PEX plumbing pipeline system

One way to improve the stability of intakes in excessive loss of water level at the source (in water intake wells) is to increase the vacuum suction Taco 007 pump, in particular through the creation of high-pressure water jets in the intake plumbing pipeline pump. On the basis of special studies carried out to Institute VODGEO VF Toltsmanom, studied hydraulic phenomena and regularities of interaction between the main flow inlet and flow of the jet, which creates a nozzle installed in the intake PEX plumbing pipeline. To obtain the positive effect of the nozzle must be mounted at a distance from the pump at least five diameters of the pipeline.

In periods of low (critical) levels of source water and, consequently, in the coastal pit work pumps can fail also because of the small supply of water in the suction chamber, leading to air leak. To avoid this, when constructing the onshore wells should be provided with constructive and technological parameters of the relationship of water intake depends on
Wi / qi> 30 ... 35
(Where Wi - the volume of water in the suction chamber, m3; qi - amount of water, pumped from this chamber, m3 / s).
With the same aim of rainwater hole suction pipe must bury at least h, m:
h> 8,5 qi / (0,785 dc)
where DK - diameter of the well, equivalent to the area of the suction chamber, m
In addition, there should be a condition h> 2D.

In order to avoid leak-deposited sediment in the onshore well is downhill chute should be located at a distance of not less than 0,5 D from the bottom of the well. In existing PEX plumbing system in violation of the stability of the pumps due to air suction makes the diaphragm on the bell suction pipe or floating panels, impeding the formation of air funnels and vacuum breakdown. Diaphragm is usually made of sheet steel and welded to the bell, and floating panels - from boards, put together in the leg vertical riser intake plumbing pipeline. At the same panels can move only vertically.

Enhancing the stability of the Taco 007 IFC I rise through the evacuation of coastal wells is their seal (especially floors) and additional equipment vacuum installations. For this purpose, can be used Circulating pumps GDP-12 or RMK-3 (one worker, the second backup). For any dimensions of modern onshore wells Required value of the vacuum in them can be reached within 5 ... 10 min. The water level in the well regulate the air intake under the joists, which in the suction plumbing pipeline Circulating pumps establish a special connection. In addition to improving the stability of the vacuum pump water well can improve their performance.

Brass ball valves

Naval company is reconstructing the plant and produces complete automation of production, leading to an increase in output.

NAVAL ball valves are used in various industries. Cranes are available ranging in size from DN 10 to DN 600 and are available with flanged, welded and / or threaded connections. Cranes can be equipped with a worm gear, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Manufactured valves for water supply and heating, compressed air and oil lines (full-and incomplete-pass) for steam and gas pipelines, pipelines for the aggressive environment.
Steel ball valves Naval

1. Welded brass ball valves Naval
2. Flanged brass ball valves Naval
3. Threaded brass ball valves Naval

Monday, August 9, 2010

PEX Tubing Installation

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Requirements for PEX Tubing

For all your plumbing and heating requirements, make the most of PEX Tubing. Be it heating, cooling or even cleaning needs, this tubing does it all. They are widely used for plumbing activities. With its robust features, efficient performance and effective strength, PEX tubing has gained popularity from the very beginning. They can be custom made to suit customers' requisites. With the right fittings and tools, PEX parts are available to facilitate your work for varied activities.

While choosing your manufacturer for PEX tubing, make sure that you have a genuine and authentic company who shall not compromise on quality and shall deliver you on time. With the market flooded with many companies, use the power of internet to find out more details and select the one with maximum output.

The cost effectiveness also plays an important role in determining PEX tubing dealers and production. They should be excellent at performance and pocket friendly too. PEX tubing is used for different types of floor heating methods like underfloor heating, radiant floor heating and more.

Underfloor Heating is one of the best solutions to keep those chilling floors warm and get the perfect temperature for your loved ones at home. Kids specially love to play on the floor and give them a warm effect with underfloor heating. It can be done for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathrooms. Make your home warm and welcoming with underfloor heating.

Radiant floor heating does not raise the temperature and gradually heats the entire room with its warmth. It can be installed very quickly and easily. All your tubes and wires are hidden and what you experience is a warm cozy house. Install it at your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and give your family the best they deserve. These underfloor heating techniques can also be installed at your office if you require.

If your requirements include PEX Tubing and you want to know

Problems of usage PEX manifold

Radiant floor heat or radiant floor heating system is nowadays the top choice among families who live in extremely chilling conditions as it is cost effective, emanates warmth throughout the house and cuts out the ordeal of putting your warm snug feet on bitterly cold floors after waking up in the morning.

Naturally, more and more American households are opting for the energy efficient radiant floor heating systems to uniformly heat up their houses.

Now one of the most important components of floor heat or radiant heating process is PEX tubing which plays a great role in this type of heating system. The full form of PEX is cross linked polyethylene that ensures warm snug room temperatures and also warm floors even if the temperature outside resembles a freezing Russian winter.

It was in the 1950s that floor heating systems came into existence in the American continent. Almost 70% American households have switched over to this system and this figure includes office premises as well.

In most cases it is seen that the process of heating is done via the method of under floor heating. If the quality of the pipes used in heating is of really superior quality, then this under floor heating will be very successful. But under floor heating will fall flat on its face, if the pipes used are of inferior quality. This is how PEX tubing makes its entry into the radiant floor heat systems.

This cross linked polyethylene material used in PEX pipes is very durable, long lasting and flexible, apart from being able to withstand high temperatures for a long time.

PEX manifold or PEX plumbing is of vital importance while installing a radiant heating system because better the quality of PEX piping, warmer will the floor be and that too for long stretches. That is why it is advisable to choose superior quality PEX plumbing for your heating system, rather than fixed copper pipes.

Copper pipes aren't energy efficient or cost effective, and they easily fall prey to corrosion. You will never have to worry about these problems if you use PEX manifold. PEX piping/tubing can also be covered by concrete.

The fact that radiant floor heating systems help to save energy and bring down fuel consumption by a whopping 15% to 20% is because they use PEX piping that is both energy efficient and cost effective.

If you want to experience all the multiple benefits of radiant floor heating system, you have no other choice but to fall back on PEX plumbing as radiant floor heating is almost impossible without PEX. It is imperative that you pay close attention to the fitting of these pipes and also to the quality of the pipes that will be used in this type of heating system.

PEX pipe other name of PEX Tubing

PEX pipe nowadays is preferred by most of the home builders for their plumbing systems in their homes. This is because this piping system has certain advantages that prove to be quite cost-effective that is both time and energy saving. However, at the same time the traditional fixed piping system such as the copper pining, PVC piping systems cannot be completely ruled out when it comes to installing plumbing system in your home. This type of plumbing system also has its share of advantage that can prove to be quite beneficial for the home builders.

Leakage problems

When it comes to leakage problem PEX tubing is regarded as a better option in comparison to the copper and the PVC piping system. PEX can last longer than the PVC and the copper material and so is less prone to leakage and other breakage problems. They can continue to work well even in extreme temperatures. The only drawback to PEX in this regard is that is that you cannot run it in a straight line for a longer stretch. As such you need extra clips for its attachments. However, when it comes to plumbing work in cemented areas, the copper and the PVC piping are preferred over the PEX tube. The PEX tubes in this regard as considered will yield less productivity in cement surfaces.

Cost effectiveness

When it comes to installation PEX is considered to be easier to install. The PEX pipe is flexible in nature and so it can be easily bent over or around any obstructing matter. In this way its saves from investing in additional joints and elbows for plumbing purposes. This is not the case in the other fixed plumbing systems.

On the other hand, copper piping generally corrodes easily and can also break and freeze during the winter months. As such, the traditional copper piping can lead to a big hole in your pocket when it comes to maintenance; whereas, PEX plumbing is generally strong and has a longer durability. However unlike the copper and PVC piping, PEX tube tends to wear out faster when used in the outdoor areas of your home.

Time management

In comparison to PVC and copper piping system, PEX pipe system can be installed much quicker and faster. Whereas, copper piping runs together and is a literally a difficult task to install them since you need to first know how to solder them. Besides, since each line in the PEX tubing is independent to the incoming water source it is also quite easier to drain the system by just turning off each segment.

After comparing all these pros and cons of the both PEX pipe system and the fixed piping system you can consider accordingly which tubing system to go for, in view of the plumbing requirements of your household.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Install pex tubing

In this article, we will learn how to install pex tubing properly. Though you may need help from a professional during the installation process, but this guide will help you to stay alert about all the processes that your employed plumber would do. In fact, you can assist him whenever needed to make it best to your own preference.

First you need to measure the pex tube. You must cut the tube of equal length from the primary tube with the help of a cutter specifically designed for pex tubes. Make it sure that you don't have any rough edges, so you must hold the tube straight while cutting it to the desired shape.

Next you need to interleave a copper crimp ring through the pipe. Once done, you must put in the pex tube through the fitting. Now, you must shift the copper crimp ring to the upward direction, so that it is positioned at the distance varying from 0.125" to 0.25" from the pex tubing.

Now you need to apply a ring crimper at 90 degree angle over the copper crimp ring. Close the ring crimper and curve the crimp ring. Rotating in 90 degree angle is really important, because if it is not done, then it may produce an uneven cut and also non-uniform crimp, resulting in not being able to cover the ribs.

Now this is the time for Go-NoGo Gauge Test. You must test the system you have attached so far with Go-NoGo tool. This test is done in order to check the adequate tolerance level. Make it sure that Go-NoGo Gauge does not slide over the fittings, if it is, then the tube is not cut appropriately.

You must understand that the Pex material tends to experience contraction by approximately 1" when the temperature changes about 10 degree C. The pipe is designed in such a way that these contractions are positioned in every 100 feet interval. So the pex tubing installation must be done in such a way that it can easily incorporate these contractions into the pipe.

In order to rectify this contraction problem, you must make a circle in the pex. Make it sure that the diameter should be about eight times of the tubing. When you are about to do vertical installation, you must ensure that you provide support in each floor. But it must be flexible enough to allow the necessary free movement of the pex.

Therefore, this is the pex installation method and how it is done. It is pretty less complicated, isn't it?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Baseboard heating

Baseboard heating and hydronic radiator are other useful applications of 3/4” PEX tubing with oxygen barrier. In instances of radiant manifold heating devices, 3/4” PEX tubing plays a very crucial role as it can withstand extreme temperature ratings. An average circuit length of 3/4” PEX tubing ranges between 300 ft to 500 ft which is expandable in situations requiring high efficiency. This is the case in snow melting, electrical insulation and under floor heating applications which require efficient outcome from PEX tubing.

Since, 3/4” PEX tubing is easy to use, install and possesses robust strength, flexibility and high compatibility it can be used for diverse applicability.

Friday, July 16, 2010


The PEX tubing possess high compatibility with wide assortment of tools and fittings such as crimp tools, clamp tools, crimp fittings and crimp rings of ratchet types. Stainless steel made clamp and clinches; press sleeves, press tools as well as crimp fittings can be used with 3/4” PEX tubing with ease. High compatibility present in PEX tubing makes it highly versatile and adaptive for various environments which is an added advantage over its diverse applicability. Due to these in-built features PEX pipe has emerged as first preference of contractors and builders for all kinds of construction and plumbing applications.

Four diverse sub versions are available for PEX tubing encompassing 500 ft and 300ft of length of both oxygen barriers tubing and PEX tubing. These versions make tubing suitable for rigid applications such as radiant floor heating, electrical insulation and concrete slabs preparation. The PEX tubing is basically used for applications that require high pressure rating and velocity of water like snow melting. In addition to this PEX tubing can also be used for radiant floor heating applications for preparing structural or reinforced concrete slabs in warehouses, garages and other facilitative operations.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Advantages of using PEX Tubing pipe

Pex is an abbreviated form of cross linked polyethylene which in itself is described as polyethylene having cross links. Pex plumbing is mainly used in domestic water piping, hydronic radiant heating systems and for insulation for electrical cables. For extensive usage it is used for offshore oil application, natural gas, transportation of slurries and sewage and chemical transportation.

Pex is an alternate choice for chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The sizes of the PEX ranges generally from ¼ inch to 4 inch, the widely used PEX sizes are ½ inch, 1 inch and ¾ inch.

Advantages of using PEX

• PEX is basically used for hot and cold water usage and it can be made adaptable to PVC and copper.

• PEX is very flexible and so it can be bent into a radius of 4 inch for 3/8 inch pipe and 5 inch radius for ½ inch pipe.

• It requires fewer fittings there is less breakage or leaking point.

• Since the pex tubing being flexible it can expand or contract on its own and there is a less chance for bursting.

• Since this form of tubing comes with kit repairing set, its usage is also simple.

• All typical fittings such as elbows, shutoffs etc. are available in pex tubing.


To install this kind of plumbing there are two methods namely compression and insertion. Compression involves more work as compared to insertion. PEX comes in rolls of 100ft or general 10ft length. Pex fittings under this kind of method are generally used for buried projects or for the interiors. Pex plumbing generally has freeze damage resistant property and requires no extra insulation. It is for this reason that this type of plumbing are perceived quite ideal for water plumbing.

People who are into the plumbing or tubing business mainly employ PEX for the plumbing purposes. The good thing about the PEX tubing is it lasts for a very long period. This tubing is not only used in household but is also used in offices as well. Further, it also has chlorine resistant property as well and so it makes drinking water much safer.

PEX has high density polyethylene polymer that makes the tubes stronger and long lasting as compared to the tubes that are made of copper, plastic, iron and lead.

Pex fittings come in different sizes and colors. The two main colors that are commonly used are red for hot water and blue for cold water. These fittings are suitable for those places where the temperature mostly remains freezing point. Besides, these kinds of fittings can also withstand high temperature up to 200 degree Fahrenheit or 93.3 degree Celsius.

In a nutshell it can be said that pex tubing is always beneficial for the people in terms of cost and time management.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pex piping

Pex tubing are made with High Density Polyethylene or HDPE granules that are melted during the manufacturing process and pressed in a die to create pex piping. At some point in the extrusion process, HDPE are cross-linked to create better performing and stronger yet compliant pipes.

Before you shop for pex pipes, know that there are three main types of pex piping to choose from, A, B or C. Contrary to popular believe, these letter do not refer to the performance level of each pipes, rather, they are used to denote the type of manufacturing process that the pex plumbing underwent.

Type A: This type of pipe is created using the peroxide method wherein free radicals are formed when the polymer is melted and cross-linked. The temperature during which this type of pipe was created goes beyond the breakdown temperature of the HDPE.

Type B: This type of pipe used the moisture cure method wherein the tubes form molecular links after the extrusion process. After this method, the tubing is exposed to water.

Type C: This type of pipe are formed using electronic irradiation method where the pipes are exposed to an electron beam which in turn, breaks down any existing molecular links in the polymer and starts another cross-linking process.

So which PEX tubing should you purchase?

Choosing the right pex tubing for your need will depend on several factors such as your budget, the tools and material you will need as well as your level of skills. Among the three types of pex piping, type A is the most expensive particularly because it requires its own proprietary connection system.

However, the higher price does not mean it is no better in performance as compared to the other pipes available. In fact, besides it being more flexible, it has no substantial advantage against the other two types of pipes.

Type B is the most pocket-friendly in the group. It is also the most preferred pipe type by many contractors because of its excellent performance and compatibility to other plumbing set ups.

Finally, type C is the newest addition to the Pex piping line. In terms of pricing, it is very similar to type B. However, many thinks type C pipes are no better than average plastic pipes, in terms of performance, because the cross-linking process of type C creates the least amount of bonds.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

PEX Tubing: plumbing and heating requirements

For all your plumbing and heating requirements, make the most of PEX Tubing. Be it heating, cooling or even cleaning needs, this tubing does it all. They are widely used for plumbing activities. With its robust features, efficient performance and effective strength, PEX tubing has gained popularity from the very beginning. They can be custom made to suit customers' requisites. With the right fittings and tools, PEX parts are available to facilitate your work for varied activities.

While choosing your manufacturer for PEX tubing, make sure that you have a genuine and authentic company who shall not compromise on quality and shall deliver you on time. With the market flooded with many companies, use the power of internet to find out more details and select the one with maximum output.

The cost effectiveness also plays an important role in determining PEX tubing dealers and production. They should be excellent at performance and pocket friendly too. PEX tubing is used for different types of floor heating methods like underfloor heating, radiant floor heating and more.

Underfloor Heating is one of the best solutions to keep those chilling floors warm and get the perfect temperature for your loved ones at home. Kids specially love to play on the floor and give them a warm effect with underfloor heating. It can be done for your living room, bedroom, kitchen and even bathrooms. Make your home warm and welcoming with underfloor heating.

Radiant floor heating does not raise the temperature and gradually heats the entire room with its warmth. It can be installed very quickly and easily. All your tubes and wires are hidden and what you experience is a warm cozy house. Install it at your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and give your family the best they deserve. These underfloor heating techniques can also be installed at your office if you require.

Friday, July 9, 2010

All versions of PEX tubing

Oxygen Barrier PEX tubing has been manufactured under norms and specifications of highly stringent and strict authorities. Certifications like ASTM F876/877, DIN 4726, SDR 9 and CSA B137.5 have certified 3/4” PEX tubing after checking it against their stated standards. This is done to provide highly qualitative and superior durability aspects through PEX tubing with oxygen barrier. With these laid standards, PEX tubing is able to survive long in comparison with other kinds of tubing available in market. All versions of PEX tubing possess long life along with high finished quality.

Certifications such as NSF and RFH are also provided to PEX tubing to make them highly effective for radiant floor heating and snow melting applications. The PEX tubing is also listed under UPC norms that make it perfect for potable water supplies. Average pressure rating for which these tubing are tested is 100 psi at 180 degree Fahrenheit. This is done to measure tolerance capacity of PEX tubing for making it fit for diverse applicability. The PEX tubing with oxygen barrier can bend up to a minimum radius of 7 inches which implies good strength and flexibility of these tubing. A year extension has been made regarding the warranty of this product which is an emblem of its qualitative elements.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

3/4” PEX tubing

PEX tubing is a name given to highly qualitative and highly flexible tube structure possessing robust strength and durability. Effectively used for hot and cold water supply and various kinds of other applications, these tubing have captured a large market share. It is obtainable in different easy to handle sizes and one such size is 3/4” PEX tubing. The PEX tubing is gaining popularity due to its immense strength, durability and diverse applicability. Due to high flexibility of PEX tubing, it can be easily installed and handled.

When there is need to meet high standards coupled with superior performance, then it is wise to select PEX tubing for demonstrating excellent performance. The 3/4” PEX tubing is obtainable with and without oxygen barriers that makes its applicability more diverse. An external coating of polymer on 3/4” PEX tubing is made to protect cast iron parts from corrosion and rusting which is more inside heating units. This coating also increases strength and durability of PEX tubing as it prevents occurrence of breakage and leakage. So, for all kinds of crucial activities this tubing is extensively used.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

PEX Tubing or Copper Pipe?

So are you a non-plumber and still dreaming of installing tubing at home? And that decision is making you confused all the time specifically when it comes to make your mind between PEX tubing vs copper pipe. Well, this guide is particularly helpful to you, if you want to get some idea from a first-hand experienced person.

Hey, don't feel ashamed even if you don't know what PEX tubing is. Just don't count on your plumbers as he might do cheap business with you, when he will find you ignorant about all these. This guide will help you out to learn about the basics that you need to know before installing PEX tubing at your home.

The Exclusive Features

PEX tubing is nothing but the cross-linked pipe made up of polyethylene. It is quite temperature-friendly and pretty durable for extreme temperature (no matter if it is hot or cold, ranging from below freezing to 200° Fahrenheit) as well. Additionally, it provides support for creep deformation resulting from prolonged exposure to stress along with any sort of chemical attack. With so many features, it is undoubtedly a good choice for both hot and cold water.

Understanding Copper Pipe

Now we need to understand copper pipe and its functions, or else, it would be difficult for us to compare between these two. As you know very well that we are using copper made pipes for a pretty long time. Copper pipes are quite durable as well as flexible, which makes them easy to install. In fact, they are much better than iron pipes. In addition, copper pipe promotes biostatic environment that makes it less prone to any bacterial infection.

Why PEX Tubing Is Better?

Truly the final choice is yours whether you fit copper pipes or PEX tubing, but I personally prefer to use PEX tubing because of several reasons like as follows -

• Extreme temperature-friendly, can use both hot and cold water
• Less complication in fitting, so it becomes easier to install compared to copper pipe
• Can easily go with any sort of plumbing system
• You can use it with PVC and metal piping
• It has a fair pressure system
• This is good for corner installation as well, as it is quite flexible to bend in almost every corner. To do this, even you don't need to use fitting or coupling.

On the other hand, copper pipe has several disadvantages -

• Can wear away
• More expensive than PEX
• Since corrosion is a common problem, the water may taste metallic flavor
• The adaptability with the freezing level is not so good, so it may break while running cold water

Now it's up to you, but I suggest you to choose PEX tubing.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Piercing through the installation of horizontal drilling

1 - Box section platform 2 - Power Unit 3 - switchgear, 4 - the working cylinder, 5 - drill diameter of 63 mm and 6 - pole diameter 44 mm, 7 - locator, 8 - a bucket of paint; 9 - Brushes, 10 - hydraulic hoses, 11 - plastic caps.
3.2. Drilling with the expansion of wells through the installation of horizontal drilling

The essence of the method consists in using special drilling rigs (drilling, rods), which carry out a preliminary (pilot) drilling on a pre-calculated trajectory followed by the expansion of wells (with a set of extenders) and the dragging of a cavity of the PEX pipe. Fig. 3.2.1 shows a diagram of the expansion of drilling wells through the installation of horizontal drilling.

PEX tubing cutting

When the drilling head deviates from the design trajectory the operator stops the rotation of the drill rods and sets Skok drilling head in the right position. Then carry out punching drill rods, set the bevel drilling head in the right position in order to correct the direction of the construction of the pilot hole is completed its exit in a given design point.
3.1 Puncture through the installation of horizontal drilling

The essence of the method is the PEX tubing cutting or expansion of horizontal wells and tightening them pipes (diameter 400 mm) with the punches or plugging in a ground steel pipelines with a diameter 400-1400 mm by means of pneumatic percussive machines. Pneumopunches have streamlined cylindrical body, which posted drummer and air distribution mechanism. Drummer under the action of compressed air is cracking down on the body, moving it. The movement of the body can occur both in forward and in reverse (reverse) directions.

Direct-puncture method is the fact that the passage of punch comes with high speed and low compaction of soil in the surrounding area. This is especially important if you want to lay pipelines in the ground at a short distance from each other, close to the existing communications, or at a great distance to the surface, thus allowing not violate the structure of soil and not to provoke any deformation in the area of plotting numerous underground utilities. Fig. 3.1.1 shows a diagram of the implementation of a puncture through the installation of horizontal drilling.

Installing PEX Tubing iwth drilling

Horizontal directional drilling

Laying PEX tubing by horizontal directional drilling is divided into three phases:

* Drilling of the pilot (pilot) hole.
* The expansion project at its diameter.
* Dragging whip PEX tubing.

Drilling a pilot (pilot) hole particularly important phase of trenchless installation, on which depends the final result.

It is implemented with the help of rock cutting tools - drilling head with a slant in front and built-in emitters.

Drilling head is connected through the hollow body with a flexible transmission rod that allows you to manage the construction process of the pilot channel and bypass the obstacles encountered on the road in any direction within the natural curvature of the drill string.

The drilling head has an opening for providing a special fluid that reduces friction on the drilling head and the rod and prevents the channel from landslides, cools the drill bit, breaks the rock and cleans up from its parts, introducing them to the surface.

Control over the location of the drilling head by using suction locator, which receives and processes signals received from the transmitter built into the drill head.

The monitor displays information about the location, slope, depth, azimuth of the drilling head. These data are crucial for monitoring compliance with the trajectory of pipeline is a project, and minimizes the risk of breakage of the drill string.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glazing of balconies and loggias

So, let's see, what is the difference between balconies and loggias, and what unites them. In general, inside the house or apartment balcony and a loggia apparent differences may not have - in both cases it is separated from the room space is often much smaller in area and performs the function of a kind of "buffer" between housing and outer space. However, if you look at the facade of the house from the street - differences can be seen immediately. Sunrooms, forming vertical rows of "not issued" forward, ie frontal plane of the loggia and the building facade are virtually identical. Balconies on the contrary, grouped vertically and horizontally to form a distinct relief on the facade of the building, in other words, you can always "stand under the balcony." But if you need PEX Tubing visit

Glazing loggia, balcony glazing - different names, are one Glazing of balconies and loggias today is very popular and for good reason.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

PEX tubing terms

In order to keep the water could be safe for drinking, in North America, it is often treated with disinfectant, usually chlorine. It is reported that only in the United States, approximately 68% of water utilities to maintain the content of residual disinfectants in the treated surface water is the introduction of chlorine. Moreover, the relative amount of chlorine used more by large companies that supply water, the majority of the population. Chlorine is a strong oxidant, even with relatively small quantities used for the treatment of drinking water. He therefore has an impact on the life of almost all materials pipeline systems, both new and traditional, serving for water supply to the building. It is about the PEX pipe, fittings, taps, valves and even shower heads.

PEX radiant heating

In other cases, installing a sleeve in the construction element where it passes through a PEX tube is necessary in order to be dismantled when the need of a PEX tube without destroying the element. Criterion, of course, not unambiguous. If the need is dictated by force majeure, then, as practice shows, such cases are extremely rare. And to equip each building element (of many millions) cartridges is unlikely to be useful. If you bear in mind the complete replacement of polymer piping (the life which, for example, in cold water, is 50 years old, and PEX radiant heating - 25 years), the appropriateness of the use of such shells is also not clear.

Requiring mandatory sealing the space between the PEX pipe and sleeves to be established in the building elements, of course, true. This must be done in order to exclude the penetration of odors and insects from one room to another. Clearly, insects (bedbugs and cockroaches) should not penetrate to the neighbor. Also, do not want their possible movement, for example, from the kitchen to any room.

Friday, June 11, 2010

PEX radiant heating systems

How to carry out such terminations? It is obvious that the space between the pipe and sleeve, located in the partition, you can stop the material from which you may not require sealing. But if the sleeve is in the ceiling, it is likely to ensure the tightness of sealing would be a requirement. This is because in case of accident, such as risers water PEX radiant heating systems of MT of PEX pipe, water should not pass through the gap between the pipe and sleeve on the lower floors. Concerning the amount of shells and determination of the liner protrusion beyond the building elements should bear in mind these considerations:

* A requirement that the shell appeared at 50 mm above the ceiling, I think, not in all cases may be mandatory;
* With this value is acceptable for the premises (for example, bathrooms or showers: they tend to provide waterproofing beneath the floor), where possible the rise of bottled water level above that mark a clean floor. This sealing sleeve around the pipe must be sealed;
* In some cases, be sufficient, if bush will speak from the floor by 5-7 mm;
* Excessive protrusion sleeve outside wall hardly advisable. The shorter the sleeve, the less will it cost and, consequently, the cost of its installation. It seems to be quite enough to not be any obstacles for the finishing works (plastering, painting, wallpapering, tile, etc.);

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Requirement for PEX tube installation

The Regulations require that decisions in the work of PEX pipe should be certified for compliance with Canadian technical standards; pipe water supply systems is also essential hygiene certificate.

Unfortunately, our country has not yet approved for mandatory use of precise testing methods for PEX pipe and not all enterprises engaged in their certification, with the necessary stands. Therefore, it is believed that while the domestic certificate of compliance may not always be considered sufficient proof of the suitability of pipe for heating and hot water. You can suggest to consider when buying a pipe availability of foreign certificates and reputation of the manufacturer.

No less important is a confirmation of the connecting elements. Should be applied only fitting to the type and size of pipe used. Western manufacturers will not accept responsibility for the quality of equipment, when their pipes are joined by the "Left" details.

Among the foreign companies has been the practice when the fittings from different manufacturers have their own characteristics. If this does not screw connections, installation of which is carried out by conventional wrenches, it is necessary to install them "corporate" tool. Such devices are also in the range of manufacturers of PEX pipe. The snap-release and specialized companies. For example, Brazetek manufactures devices for pressing fittings, providing them with interchangeable attachments for mounting the fittings of the largest firms.

Technology of PEX pipe


Today the technology of PEX pipe in heating systems and water enough worked out. Western producers, represented in canada, accompanied by your product manuals and regulations and are ready to answer for its money only in accordance with the designers, installers and repairers of their claims.

In our country developed and implemented a set of rules for the design and installation of PEX tubing systems, heating (SP 41-102-98), as well as domestic hot and cold water (SP 40-103-98).

It should comply with the requirements and other regulatory documents on the relevant equipment, including a set of rules "Design and installation of water and sewage systems with pipes made of polymer materials. General Provisions.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Leaders and outsiders in Tankless Water Heater Market

If left unattended too expensive for the Canadian market of water heaters (for example, by Stiebel Eltron (Germany)), can be called a number of storage water heaters with an optimal balance of price and quality. The most popular instruments of this class are supplied by the Italian company Ariston. It's inexpensive and high quality Tankless water heaters are especially well-buyable in the Canadian regions. In second place - water heaters Group Lorenzo (Italy), trademarks and Thermex ISEA). Third place goes to Wester (UK). The good reputation enjoyed by the Italian Tankless water heaters Idropi and Like. By the well-known, but expensive devices are owned firms model Austria Emal (Austria) and Tatramat (Slovakia). Among the new, but rather aggressive market participants include specialists company Baxi (Italy) and Gorenje (Slovenia). Among outsiders - Dimplex (Germany), Drazice (Czech Republic), EuroTankless water heater (Italy), Thermina (Finland), Demir Dokum (Turkey).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Selection of Tankless water heaters

As noted by American dealers, the greatest demand is for Tankless water heaters with capacity from 50 to 200 liters. Most chassis size - 100-120 hp. Typically, these devices are bought for cottages (in the standard urban apartment, they would occupy too much space). For the city, usually purchased heaters with capacity of 10, 30, 50 liters. This is enough for washing, washing dishes, and even light showers. 100-liter water Tankless water heater can fully satisfy the need for hot water and small family (the rate of consumption per person is 30-50 liters per day). In Canada, the peak sales of such devices is in June-July, when city dwellers go out to the dacha. In August-September growing interest in high capacity water heaters - are almost finished construction of new suburban homes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Popular models of heat transfer plates

Current models of heat transfer plates of any type can be used in single-and twin-tube in radiant heating systems. They are executed as in the end, and in the transit options are valve to release air tube stub to drain the coolant, if necessary, equipped with LUX thermostats expansion valve with manual and automatic control for PEX Tubing and PEX fitting.

heat transfer plates foreign proceedings are in demand by those whose radiant heating systems meet European performance standards. Typically, the owners of country cottages, in radiant heating systems, which are anti-freeze coolant or water, trained. Which import heat transfer plates deserve attention? The list of devices and companies producing them, would take more than one page, so restrict ourselves to examples.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

PEX heat transfer plates

Large Italian concern SIRA is a manufacturer of PEX heat transfer plates. radiant heating appliances CF with five different models (300/500/600/700/800) operated at an operating pressure of 25 atm is pressed pressure 37.5 atm. Maximum coolant temperature - 1100 S. coolant contact area with the aluminum alloy is 5-10 times smaller than in conventional PEX heat transfer plates, which minimizes the risk of corrosion and the formation of gases. The thermal efficiency of panels - from 142 to 280 Tues The manufacturer guarantees the smooth operation of the product in techsnie 20 years.

Department SIRA, plant ROVALL, produces aluminum PEX heat transfer plates sectional models OPERA 350 and 500. They are designed for working pressure of 20 atm and 30 atm hydrostatic testing, the limit is the strength of the materials from which the heat transfer plates are made, is 100 (!) Atm. Heat transfer devices at 700 C - 150 and 190 watts with one section. Maximum coolant temperature - 1100 S. heat transfer plates protected inside from corrosion and scale formation special coating. The company provides its products SIRA 15-year guarantee subject to the rules of their installation and operation. To relate to the characteristics of aluminum heat transfer plates SWING models produce the same plant model SAHARA Plus, manufactured by Italian firm OLIVER INTERNATIONAL, model CALIDOR 97 SUPER Italian company FONDIAL, model ELEGANCE, produced by Canadian firm "Termoros" together with the Italian factory INDUSTRIE PASOTTI.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tankless water heater: Z-Flex Venting Parts for Takagi

As the owner of a Tankless water heater plant to pay for all the received fuel, but uses it only Qpolezn. It becomes clear that it is efficiency - the most important parameter, which necessarily have to pay attention to when selecting staff. Indeed, if you buy a cheap Tankless water heater with an efficiency = 60%, then your joy will be short: you have to pay for fuel in 1,5 times more than your neighbor who bought an expensive Tankless water heater with an efficiency = 90%. And with today's fuel prices more expensive but more efficient Tankless water heater will pay for itself very quickly.

Takagi Venting Parts & Controls

Takagi Venting Parts & Controls

Z-Flex Venting Parts for Takagi

Z-Flex Venting Parts for Takagi

Thus, different Tankless water heaters have different efficiency. But first, let us recall that any fossil fuel goes a long way from its place of production to your Tankless water heater. And all the way - the inevitable losses. If, for example, the Tankless water heater operates on diesel, fuel oil or other liquid fuel, then before entering the fuel tank will begin series of losses. From the very beginning (in oil) for almost 6% of the energy contained in crude oil lost as a result of the emission of gas from the liquid phase. Losses in transport oil to the refinery (refinery) is approximately 1%. Crude oil is processed at the refinery, and to obtain light fractions of liquid fuels have to spend about another 9% of energy (if the technology of oil processing provides for malosernistnogo fuel). The distribution of the finished fuel from refineries to the consumer also consumes energy equivalent to about 1% of fuel energy. Thus, even before entering the Takagi Tankless water heater losses already accounted for a significant amount, and all this will have to compensate the buyer of fuel. STAGES OF ENERGY LOSS

The figure shows the various stages of energy loss. Over 100% adopted energy fuel (or other liquid fuels) in the tank of the Takagi Tankless water heater. To fill this reservoir is needed is the amount of oil, which contains 115-117% of energy. From the same graph shows that the biggest losses are in the stage of combustion. Indeed, even in our time can be seen Tankless water heaters with an efficiency = 70%.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gas Tankless water heaters

Few words about the wall-hung gas Tankless water heaters

It happened historically - with Canada foreigners associated scope, breadth and generosity of soul. What else? After being guided by these concepts and lead-town construction several years ago, and then, again with the Canadian generosity, heat it all through the Tankless water heater equipment, for power to warm for at least another half of the same house.

Today the situation is changing: the mania for giants unreasonable thing of the past, hunters heat out fewer and fewer, more expensive liquid fuels. In this regard, in villages, where gasification takes place, the owners of individual housing immediately try to install in your home gas appliances. And the owners are not palaces, but the common area homes prefer radiant heating equipment capable of without any extra cost to heat their medium-sized suburban housing. Do the owners of such houses in buying outdoor gas Tankless water heater is not necessary. They have to heat their homes is a good alternative - to buy a wall mounted gas Tankless water heater with adequate and appropriate space power. Not bad, because wall-mounted gas Tankless water heaters 1,5-2 times cheaper than their outdoor cousins, and their power range (20 to 32 kW, depending on the manufacturer and brand of the Tankless water heater) allows you to heat and provide hot water to residential premises 200-250 m2.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taco Mixing Valves & Taco Zone Valves

When choosing a radiant heating Tankless water heater or other radiant heating units, we first pay attention to price and quality consumer purchased the unit: it should be simple and easy to use, reliable, aesthetic, etc. But later, paying for fuel, we are convinced that the most important characteristic of any toplivoszhigayuschego device is its cost, ie, the efficiency ratio (CAP).

The fact that not all the energy contained in the fuel consumed for hot water (hot water Tankless water heaters) and steam (in steam Taco Zone Valves), and some of it is lost in the transition of the chemical energy of fossil fuels to heat. The ratio of useful heat, ie you used in the form of hot water, warm air, etc., to the expended, ie, the energy that was contained in your pre-paid fuel - natural gas, diesel or solid fuel briquettes, - this is the efficiency of the device.

Taco Mixing Valves

Amount spent by the heat is always greater than the number of useful heat, so the efficiency is always less than 1,0 - or less than 100%, if we assume that Qzatrach. = 100%. However, recently there have been so-called condensing Tankless water heaters, the efficiency of which can reach 102-108%. Below we describe the little trick that allows you to obtain such a high efficiency.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tankless water heaters for Radiant Heating

The fact that the bypass wall Tankless water heaters there are so-called "priority of hot water." That is, until the hot water remains open, batteries, radiant heating your home, do not get from the Tankless water heater for radiant heating homes or degrees Celsius. What are you most likely while you wash dishes or take a shower, do not even pay attention.

Nevertheless, getting hot water with great comfort it is quite possible the combination of single-loop Tankless water heater with a Tankless water heater. In this case, the task of preparing hot water assumes no secondary heat exchanger, a Tankless water heater, the use of which (in contrast to the heat exchanger) allows you to always have a supply of hot water (160-200 liters), and you do not have to worry about that at the time of adoption bath radiant heating heat transfer plates can cool off somewhat. In addition, when using the Tankless water heater at the opening of the hot water, you immediately get the desired result, instead of using a two-circuit of the Tankless water heater, which needs some time to tap flowed really hot water.

Aluminum heat transfer plates for Radiant Heating

The famous USA firm Everhot produces aluminum panel heat transfer plates, convectors models 11, 21, 22, 23, designed to operate at an operating pressure of 8.7 atm, pressure testing, under pressure of 13 atm and a maximum temperature of the coolant 1100 S. feature of the device consists of devices that All panel heat transfer plates are equipped with convection fins.

Panel heat transfer plates from cold-rolled sheet aluminum of thickness 1.25 mm delivers to Canada Germanic firm GALANT. The characteristics of its products are identical heat transfer plates KERMI. This versatile heaters with a large selection of connectivity options and the most complete set of accessories. Installation of heat transfer plates on special tires in just 8 minutes. All products are GALANT immaculate appearance. Recently, the Canadian market has another producer panel heat transfer plates - European concern CARADON, presenting the model STELRAD NOVELLO and STELRAD COMPACT, as well as necessary accessories for them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Radiant heating equipment

radiant heating equipment of various companies has its own characteristics that meet the specific needs of the consumer. Tankless water heaters Germany firms (Stiebel Eltron Tempra, Wolf, Vaillant, etc) are different choice of different levels of automation, providing a more comfortable working conditions and the reliability of the fluctuations in voltage that is of great importance in Canada. Taco, Takagi is in our country, gas water heaters for hot water, gas wall-hung Tankless water heaters for radiant heating individual houses, cottages and apartments.

Tankless water heaters firm Wolf features a high efficiency (up to 96%). Among the most popular series units NK (17-63 kW) and MKS (65-550 kW), operating on diesel or gas fuel. For smaller rooms are available Tankless water heaters Top One (27 kW). Prices for the products Wolf comparable with the prices of similar products company Viessmann. The Swedish company CTC presents a variety of Tankless water heaters and other radiant heating appliances. The Tankless water heater ITS Regent for radiant heating and hot water can be used by electricity, gas or liquid fuel, the unit also has a ceramic chamber for burning wood. The cost of double-circuit Tankless water heaters STS with a gas burner Bentone is from 3600 USD (18-45 kW) to 6800 cu (25-75 kW); bypass combined (universal for fuel) - from 2600 USD (15-45 kW) to 7700 cu (55-95 kW) BWR - from 4600 USD (20-60 kW) to 7000 cu (55-95 kW). A wide range of Tankless water heaters for autonomous radiant heating supplies in Canada Italian firm Beretta. In our market today comes the Spanish Roca. Unfortunately, the article "The global revolution in the hot water supply" the previous issue of the journal "Aqua-Therm," the author wrongly identified it as "primitive." We relate this definition to hasty conclusions by a lack of information. The list of European companies operating in Canada, and includes such well-known companies as ACV (Belgium), Protherm (Czech Republic),

Monday, May 17, 2010

Types of Tankless water heaters

Wall-mounted gas Tankless water heaters are of two types - with pezorozzhigom and electronic ignition. In the case of pezorozzhiga run the Tankless water heater must be done manually by inserting the handle toggle switch (or pressing pezoknopku). Tankless water heater with electronic ignition will be launched automatically. The same thing happens if you, for whatever reasons, to cut off the gas and the Tankless water heater stop: the resumption of gas Tankless water heater with electronic ignition switch on their own, and for the resumption of the Tankless water heater with pezorozzhigom need to re-enable pezoknopku.

By way of removing waste gas wall-hung Tankless water heaters are divided into turbo (with fan) and Tankless water heaters with natural draft. When using turbo-products of combustion are removed with a blower built into the Tankless water heater. That turbo in Europe are set in those homes where the chimney is not provided, in which the Tankless water heater house on the right takes place in the kitchen. A departing gases are vented through dymootvodyaschy channel for which the wall is drilled a hole. Ducts for such a Tankless water heater is a special "double pipe", or, as some call it - "pipe in pipe". In the inner tube of a "chimney" under the pressure of the fan ejected outgoing gases, and the external tube enters the air.

Tankless water heaters with natural draft combustion products are removed, respectively, due to natural draft, which is formed in the chimney.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Characteristic differences

These Tankless water heaters are quite accidentally called wall. Ability to establish such Tankless water heaters on the wall much easier life to those owners who have room under the Tankless water heater is not provided, or that the premises have already found some other use. Wall mounted gas Tankless water heater can be installed in the kitchen, where he easily blends into any interior thanks to its compact, elegant design and color (for the most part - white) and appearance will not differ from the usual wall-mounted cabinets. But his silent work (due to the fact that the burner is installed directly inside the Tankless water heater) is not telling the uninitiated guests that one of ordinary kitchen cabinets hidden heart of your home.

The main condition for the installation of the Tankless water heater in the kitchen (only in Canadian terms) is that the kitchen chimney, despite the fact that the ceiling height should not be less than 2,5 m.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Economically and environmentally safe

The heart of the tankless water heater Takagi JR cylindrical burner, also made of stainless steel. It is the most economical, because due to its modulated operating mode, it adapts well to the heat load. This dramatically reduces emissions of harmful substances, the level of which is thus far below the environmental standard "Blue Angel".

Compact Thermoblock Takagi JR 200 fits almost everywhere. You can embed it into the kitchen to the bathroom, the attic, in recesses and corners. Authorized Firm for heating engineer to quickly assemble Takagi JR 200, and now he is ready for operation.

Main advantages:

* Gas Condensate Thermoblock as single-circuit or a combined unit. Power 8,8-26 kW.

* Regulatory Efficiency: up to 107%.

* Condensation surface Inox-Radial stainless steel: efficient and durable.

* Economical cylindrical burner stainless steel.

* The level of harmful emissions significantly below the environmental standard "Blue Angel".

* Do not leave the side of the space for servicing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PEX tools for PEX pipes cutter

In section provides PEX tools for cutting and further processing all types of pipes. With the help of PEX pipe cutters, both manual and electric you can get high-quality flat cut without deformation of the pipe, which is sometimes very important for the process of installing the pipeline. Using electric saws, you can easily cope with large volumes of work sawing pipes and various other materials. When using hand-support PEX tool you quickly and will generate a processing PEX pipe and other tubing. Bolt cutter is easy to help cope with the tasks of snacking valves, bolts, steel wire.

PEX tools Manufacturer

PEX Info company "is known in Canada as an official representative of USA concern OxyPEX, productivity for pex tubing products. For clients not only in this type of product, but everything needed for ease of installation and pex tubing climping, PEX Info company "in 2000, has developed and continues to this day cooperation with the USA company KLAUCER, which together with the American manufacturer is part of Greenday Textorn Corporation Inc.
Company KLAUCER, founded in 1879 to date - an acknowledged world leader in the production tool for crimping terminals, pruning or stripping pex tubing. Manufacturer OxyPEX is a manufacturer of mechanical and PEX tools for working with metal, as well as measuring and testing devices in electrical engineering, equipment and guides for pex tubing laying. In this article, wanted to make a brief overview of the most popular types of tools to work with pex tubing.

PEX tools for PEX tubing.

For fast and high-quality cabling without creases and damage is a separate series of devices manufactured by Greenlee. Angle guide with rollers Right Angle Rollers are designed for convenient, not causing unnecessary problems, broaches the pex tubing on the turns. With the help of a special roller system pex tubing easily without the threat of damage to the insulation and a hall pass, rounding the corners.

Noteworthy device for broaching the pex tubing or wire through the pex tubing channels, pipes or other narrow and long space long before 60m. The so-called «Fish Tapes» equipped with a reinforced handle, which is designed for prolonged use, while its design makes it much easier to work with the device. Tape and reel can be made of nylon or steel, preventing corrosion and extends the life of the device itself, wherever it is used.

Quality and functionality of the listed tools confirm the companies won Klauke and Greenlee reputation as producers of high quality products, designed to make work more convenient for mounting, and the result - reliable.

Get more information and buy products all interested can contact the PEX Info company.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Air Spirovent & Separators

The Dutch company offers a line separator Spirovent. The devices are designed to remove sludge and gases from the liquid coolant heating and air-conditioning chillers.

Unlike conventional cartridge filter, used for mechanical cleaning of water separators operate on the principle of stopping the flow. The novelty of it makes an unusual design trap - a patented invention by Dutch engineers. This is a special way around the copper tube soldered copper wire - the endless spiral of Spiro.

The result is a structure capable to remove solids sludge (mud) up to 5 microns, are not blocked and is not increasing the hydraulic resistance. Plus design in the absence of replacement cartridges. Lifetime separators 30 years.

The design of tubes Spiro and the chassis ensures that flow deceleration that stand out from the bubbles of dissolved gases (air) and climb into an air chamber, and the sludge sinks to the bottom. The air bleed through the automatic valve, and the sludge is discharged through the tap.

The line includes models with a threaded connection is vertical and horizontal PEX tubing (with diameters from 1 / 2 inch to 11 / 2 inches, and with the flange connection of large horizontal PEX tubing designed to flow water over 8 m3 / h. The devices cut into the pipeline and directly can operate at a temperature of 110 ° C and a pressure of 10 bar.
Types of Separators Spirovent or Taco Air Separators

* Spirovent Spirotop
* Separator micro air Spirovent 'AIR
* Sump Spirovent 'DIRT
* Separator microbubbles and sludge Spirovent 'AIR & DIRT
* Hydraulic Spirovent Spirovent AIR SUPERIOR

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why is a expansion tank?

When heated, the boiler temperature of the liquid-coolant in it rises and the liquid expands. The liquid is practically incompressible and if the heating system is not equipped with optional device that allows to withdraw the additional amount, it will inevitably happen its destruction. To avoid this and apply expansion (compensation) tanks.

Water systems and water treatment

Tanks for water (hydraulic accumulators) - used to accumulate a certain amount of water, to be her issue at the desired pressure at the right time.

Other features tanks

Expansion tanks (like Extrol 60) may be used to prevent the destruction of the system from water hammer. Also, tanks can be used as a container with liquid in fire fighting systems, fire fighting, and as a reserve tanks in cases where electricity is turned off. Hydraulic tanks are used not only in domestic but also in industrial and agricultural water supplies. This professional series is designed for working pressure up to 16 bar.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Radiant Heating systems. Where to start?

Quite relevant issues today are questions about Radiant Heating. What equipment do I need to choose? Can I arrange the heating system itself? Where should you start? Let's try together to find answers to these and more questions.

The most responsible in the establishment of the Radiant Heating system - well-designed plan. Therefore, if you do not have special education in this field, the solution of this problem is better to give into the hands of qualified professionals. Moreover, it is better to install this system also is a special organization. Otherwise, you have no repair the damage done to the failure of your equipment.

However, if you do decide to design the system yourself, carefully read the information cited below. Even if you change your mind doing it themselves, this knowledge will help you in determining the professional level of employees to which you refer.

To date, all kinds of system installation has been tested by time, so any new technology you will find navryadli. But even if suddenly you still find something new and seemingly practical, it is still better to rely on already proven repeatedly. Any heating system requires the necessary fit the architecture of your building.

Before I begin, please be patient, go to the library, or use the internet, where you can gather the necessary information for yourself, or you can consult with specialists familiar architects and obtain from them a couple of other useful tips.

Only after you are confident in the level of their knowledge - can proceed directly to the design of the Radiant heating system, and then to mount the heating.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Takagi tankless water heaters

Takagi water heaters are open, a series of "VC", or closed, a series of "NC", the combustion chamber. Closed combustion chamber allows the combustion gases are not in a vertical chimney, a device which is very expensive, and in coaxial horizontal chimney, directly through the Takagi of the house. This eliminates the need for a separate vent pipe on which the water heater must enter the air required for combustion of gas. This role performs the outer shell chimney. This design is called a chimney "tube in tube" and especially in demand in homes with Flats heating. When buying a water heater series "NC", coaxial flue supplied.

Burner, tankless water heater «Takagi», due to the peculiarities of their construction is insensitive to fluctuations in gas pressure in the pipeline. At a nominal pressure gas 13 ICBMs, the water heater reliably at a gas pressure at the inlet burner 5 - 6 ICBMs. Power it while it is true, is reduced by 50-60%, but the wear of the burner is not increased. In addition, the burners in the water heaters modulating, ie intensity of combustion depends on the thermal performance of the water heater and the mode of heating and hot water. This property of the burner extends its working life and provides an economical mode of consumption of gas.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PEX Fittings

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Types of PEX Fittings

In the world of PEX fittings, it can be very confusing to know which the different types of fittings available are out there. There are so many varieties and constructions that here we demystify it for you!

Brass Crimp Styles

These brass style PEX fittings are obviously made of brass but also are the cheapest and commonest kinds of PEX fittings used these days. You can install these using either cinch or clamp technique or the crimp method.

Plastic Type

These are also called poly crimp style PEX fittings and found in black or white colors. These resemble brass variants of PEX fittings and have similar number of barbs.

Push Fit

If you don’t have any PEX rings or PEX tools for connecting with PEX tubing these are perfect for you. The special locking mechanism with multiple components easily slides the PEX pipe to the fitting.

Other variants of the PEX fittings include expansion PEX fittings, press type, compression etc. While the expansion type has a large size middle barb diameter, the compression type has two o-rings of rubber placed on the fitting barbs. The press type of PEX fittings have large amount of barbs over them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PEX plumbing supplies

While the PEX plumbing supplies tend to have a large plethora of advantages, there are a couple of drawbacks as well. The main disadvantage of these supplies is that they cannot be used in the outdoors. Hence, exposure to sunlight directly is not allowed. If such pipes are left outside too long they can get damaged seriously.

Wide Temperature Ranges

One of the biggest advantages about PEX plumbing supplies is that they are able to withstand a large range of temperatures spanning under freezing to as much as even 200 degree Fahrenheit as well. This is why people use such supplies for various cooling and heating applications. The ability to function optimally across such diverse temperature ranges makes the PEX plumbing supplies truly versatile.

Monday, April 19, 2010

PEX fittings

for plumbing and heating supply we have large selection of PEX fittings for all size

Tips on choosing the heating system for the floor.

When choosing a radiant heating system must respond to several questions:
# Is this the main heating system or heating comfort
# What is the nature and characteristics of the premises where it is planned to install «warm floor»
# If there is a sufficient number of electrical power
# How "smart" thermostat is needed
# What type of insulation can be put in a room, based on the thickness of the existing floor, it covers and door sills
# What kind of Radiant PEX tubing is available at a price.
warm floor

Consider, first of all, the choice of power system, since other issues are discussed in the relevant sections. Each of the systems in the range of all manufacturers is designed for installation on a particular area, eg, 2-4 meters These facilities are chosen from the condition that the specific capacity of the system should correspond to heat losses in the surroundings of this room, and the length of a section can produce a layout of the area with valid steps (from 8 to 15 cm). The method accurately calculate the heat contained in the SNIP II-3-79, but for simplicity, should be calculated for the conditions of Central America and average construction conditions, based on the values of 120-140 W / sq. It should also be noted that heating section is usually placed on some (10-20 cm) away from walls to furniture-free area. Thus, when using warm floor as the main heating system is necessary to determine space heating is less unheated areas. For example, floor space is 14 m2 free space - 10 m2. Power system when the main heating is 1,8 kW, with a comfortable floor heating - 1.2 kW.

The calculation is very simple, but usually have to take into account the characteristics of the premises, which include:
# First and last floors of buildings
# Rooms with large glazing - conservatories, bay windows, balconies
# Facilities with enough insulating enclosing structures
# Floors with special materials with large thickness or a high heat capacity (thick plates
# Marble or granite, etc.)

In all these cases it is necessary to increase the capacity of the system, as well as conduct Thermal calculation. Special mention should be on the premises with wooden floors or parquet. Due to the low thermal conductivity of wood at a standard power density of «warm floor» temperature on the surface of the floor will be noticeably lower than desired. At the same time, under the wooden surface in the space between the lags due to poor heat transfer surface temperature PEX tubing will increase. Thus, the power of PEX tubing will be primarily spent on heating the wood, which is extremely undesirable from the point of view of maintaining its moisture.

Some companies offer for rooms with wooden floors section Radiant PEX tubing with a specific power of 10 W / m Of course, PEX tubing will not heat too much, but the heating in such systems is practically unnoticeable. On the use of «warm floor» as the main heating system in such premises is out. To avoid misunderstandings, as well as the high fire risk, we do not recommend the use of «warm floors» in their classical performance in rooms with wooden floors.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Copper pipes and PEX fittings

Against the backdrop of steel, PEX pipes made of copper seem preferable. Copper, one might say, an ideal material for PEX plumbing supply. It not only corrupts, but even the potential to enhance the taste of water. Lack of copper tubing is one - the high price.

Copper fittings

Material composition: copper Brand CU-DHP, which does not contain oxidizing substances. Clean copper is 99.9%. Inside the pipe is covered with corrosion-resistant oxide layer.

Operating temperature: up to 150 C

Operating pressure: up to 200 atm. depending on diameter.

Application: drinking water supply systems, heating systems, sewage systems, gas and liquefied gas.

Advanced technology of the warm floors

Since the phrase "warm floors" entered our lexicon passed 15 years. And today, heated floors are no longer the privilege of only very wealthy people. On the market there are many different systems of gender and want to mount them. And the price came down to acceptable levels.

Floor heating system heats the air to a height of 2-2,5 meters. This ensures the most comfortable for the temperature distribution rights - at ground level air at 2-4 degrees warmer than the ceiling. In addition, a large heated surface is more economical and efficient than the small, but intense heat source. Such a system could solve the problem, both main and auxiliary heating (in this case it is laid in separate rooms and has less power).

Pluses and minuses of warm floor

There are two types of floor heating: using floor heating with hot water (PEX Tubing Pro) and heating PEX cables.

The main advantage PEX Tubing Pro is that it does not require large expenditures - pipe welded to a system of central heating or hot water. Another advantage of a water heating system: unlike the electric it is compatible with all types of floor coverings.

The main negative - the inability to control the temperature (if you depend on external heating systems).

It may happen that the pressure in the overall system is not enough to pump through your pipes. In addition, there is a real danger of damage during installation of the pipe and a few minutes to flood lower neighbors. And if an accident happens during the operation PEX Tubing Pro (which happens mainly due to wear of pipe joints with a riser), will overlap the entire riser.

Therefore, experts advise using PEX Tubing Pro where there is a heating system, - in country cottages.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taco Pumps

Taco pumps are a group of pump-sets, ie, devices that do not have moving parts. In the Taco pump pumped medium (liquid, gas or a mixture

of liquid with gas or solids) moves the external flow (Taco) of the working fluid. This transfer of energy from one stream to another directly without intermediate nodes.

Taco pump consists of the following main elements: the working nozzle, mixing chamber (neck), a diffuser inlet throat area (diffuser).

The cavity, which receives pumped liquid, usually called the working or the suction chamber. Operating nozzle (nozzles) is mainly

located coaxially with the mixing chamber or at the periphery of the mixing chamber to form a ring. Less often use a combination of the

location of the working nozzle or a multi machines. Output part (cut plane) of the working nozzle should be in the entrance of the

mixing chamber at a distance (one to three fire nozzle) before him.

The principle of Taco pump next. In the nozzle the liquid through the narrow cross-section becomes greater speed, its kinetic energy

increases, and the potential, therefore, decreases. The pressure is reduced and at a certain speed is less than atmospheric, ie, in the

suction chamber there is a vacuum. Under the action of vacuum suction fluid from the reservoir to the suction tube enters into the

suction chamber and then into the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber is mixing the working fluid flow, while the working fluid gives

the fluid part of the energy collected from a receiving tank.

After the mixing chamber, the flow enters the diffuser where its velocity gradually decreases and the static pressure increases. Next by

pressure pipe fluid gets into a collecting tank.

Neglecting the friction head and overcoming local resistance, we can determine the power expended in pumping the liquid.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Takagi tankless water heaters Economy Series

Takagi Tankless water heaters GAZLUX Series Economy - an economy-class, open combustion chamber, for 1-2 water points, manual control, ignition batteries, liquid gas.

Gas instantaneous water heaters Takagi Economy - appliances with open combustion chamber, suitable for the supply of 1 or 2 water points. Speakers have manual control of water and power burner with rotary knobs. Ignition of the burner is carried out automatically on batteries column starts at the opening of the hot water.

Tankless water heaters Takagi Series Economy work as a natural and liquefied gas.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Intellectualization Radiant Heating equipment

In the process of modernizing the manufacturer seeks to primarily take into account the interests of the buyer. After all, many of them recently it seems important to operate the heating and water heating equipment in the individual, suitable concrete shelter mode. Make the device more sensitive to the desires of the consumer allows the introduction of automation, control its operation. Modern equipment allows you to create multiple heating circuits, respectively, expanding the simultaneous use of conventional heating systems and underfloor heating. Multi regulation helps to maintain its own temperature regime of the coolant in each circuit. In addition, you can install more efficient heating for the status of individual ancillary areas (pantries, garage, basement), which are used by tenants for a limited time.

Possibility of temperature control heating circuit, of course, helps maintain comfortable conditions in any weather and at the same time saves energy source, and therefore means the user. At the same time thanks to recent innovations to monitor the weather may itself boiler with auxiliary equipment, for example, using external power Clima Manager.

Given the changes in temperature in the cold, the boiler automatically controls the temperature of the coolant in the heating system, ensuring a comfortable temperature in the room. Automatic control can save up to 35% of energy consumption.

In the process of upgrading this equipment is endowed with a kind of "artificial intelligence". That, in turn, confronts the task of the designer to ensure an easy approach to the complex management. The whole wide range of settings, modes, all kinds of functions should be understandable to the user. Therefore, an increasing number of boilers equipped with a warning system that reflects the modes and parameters of the equipment. This can be used indicators or display through which the boiler communicates with the host. Management of this boils down to a few functional buttons on the panel. It can also be done remotely, since the introduction of the latest developments allows you to control the boiler by means of sms-messages.

more information see this

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Transportation and storage of PEX pipes and tubing

Keeping pipes from polymeric materials

It is recommended for possible extended period of time to keep the pipe in packaging manufacturer.

Tubes can be stored in warehouses or outdoors. In the latter case, the pipe is desirable to protect from direct sunlight. Necessary to ensure the safety of pipes and fittings from physical damage, deformation and contact with them, oil and fats.

Pipes should be stored in piles no higher than 2 meters on flat ground. When storing the pipes in the packaging of the manufacturer, they can be installed at each other with an emphasis on the wooden frame, but not more than 4 layers.

Not bonded pipe should be stored on firm ground as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1. Keeping pipes from polyethylene

Transporting, packing, loading and unloading pipes from polymeric materials
Works related to the transportation, loading and unloading of pipes, fittings and piping components of high-density polyethylene (PE), should be carried out at a temperature not lower than minus 20 ° C. It is necessary to take measures to avoid the possibility of mechanical damage and harmful strains, leading to their destruction, especially at low temperatures.

Fig. 2. Transportation of pipes in bulk polyethylene

When transporting the pipe shall be laid on wooden slats, securely fastened to the bottom of the truck. Wooden slats also placed between the layers of tubes (see Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Stringing a rangefinder

To fix the most extreme of pipes used wedges to prevent movement during transportation.

To prevent the movement of internal tubes during transport and damage between them is recommended to lay rubber gaskets.

In order to keep all the pipes together, the entire series should be protected with plastic wrap ribbons. In addition, the sides of the truck must be vertical racks to ensure immobility and safety of pipes for transportation on uneven and inclined sections of the road.

To reduce the cost of transporting the pipe can be packed in telescopic (nested one inside the other). In this case, you must follow special instructions for loading, processing, storage and transportation with the use of fork lifts. Loading / unloading of pipes produced by one, beginning with the pipe of the biggest / smallest diameter. Manipulations are made with care, avoiding pipe graze each other, see Figure 4.

Fig. 4. Unloading pipes arranged telescopically

When handling such packages should have the following general procedure:

1. It is always necessary to remove (lift) sub-bundle, using at least two lines (Fig. 5). Straps should be used of sufficient strength, because of the large weight of the package. The strength of a sling can be calculated by weight characteristics of pipes (see Specification).

Fig. 5. Transportation ligament

1 - guideline
2. The nested tubes are usually best stored in the transport packaging. Accumulation of these packages on-site storage (storage) is not desirable. Do not stack bags like pipes in the stack, if it is not stated specifically.
3. Packages nested one inside the other pipes can be safely transported only in the original shipping packaging. Special requirements, if any, from the points of support, accommodation and / or secure during transport should be defined for each project.
4. Removal of packing and removal of tubes from the package is best done on a specially prepared site. As a rule, the court should be set three or four fixed support, calculated on the external diameter of the largest pipe of the package. Removing packages from each inner tubes produce slightly lifted her on a special inserts a rod, so that it does not concern the other pipes. If the weight, the length of pipe and / or other hardware limitations prevent the use of this method, the procedure extracting inner tube from the package must be determined separately for each project.