Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Plate heat exchangers and their scope

Plate heat exchangers used in heating, hot water (DHW), air-conditioning. Our heat exchangers can be installed in the cottages, schools and kindergartens. For standard and individual designs are made heat exchangers for the pool, ITP houses, central heating units (CHP), heat supply networks of industrial enterprises.

Plate heat exchangers are widely used in food industry: pasteurizing, milk coolers, wine, beer and other liquids in industrial processes, for example, to cool the oil, coolant.

What are heat exchangers?

Plate heat exchangers used for heating and / or cooling fluids. In industry, there are a number of areas for which the plate heat exchangers are irreplaceable. In this series include:

* Heat exchangers for heating, hot water in homes and cottages, ventilation.
* Heat exchangers for swimming pools (for heating water in the pool).
* Heat exchangers for cooling of liquid foods.
* Heat exchangers for cooling the transformer and motor oils.
* Heat exchangers for heating TA areas and homes.

Construction and principle of the plate heat exchanger

The device is a plate heat exchanger:

* 1. The fixed plate with the connections.
* 2. The back pressure plate.
* 3. Heat exchange plates with gaskets.
* 4. Upper guide.
* 5. The lower track.
* 6. Threaded rods.

Plate heat exchanger consists of a collapsible front and rear fixed-mobile-steel plates. Between the plates are tightened the plate with gaskets. With the help of the guide plates are installed and tightened to the desired size of the tie rods.

Plate heat exchangers are deployed one after another by 180 °. Thus, the channels formed between them. Channels in the plate heat exchanger creates a turbulent flow of liquid. The alternation of channels with the heating and the heating medium is provided through the plates.
Such a design plate heat exchanger provides its small size and efficient layout in the heating unit.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taps and fittings, and shutoff and control valves

Pipe fittings and valves in Canada produced several major reinforcement plant. The range of products of Wright Valves is not only a shutoff control valves, but many other pipeline products, in particular a simple armature. Goods companies includes brass valves (15B3r and 15B1p, fire valve) and a series of brass ball valves 1/2" Sweat (Solder) Brass Ball Valve , 1/2" Sweat (Solder) Brass Ball Valve w/ Waste etc. Also on our site are valves of different manufacturers. Pipe fittings, which in addition to stemming the flow of business systems, and is engaged in the regulation of the flow is called - stop and control valves. Valves and fittings used in a variety of industries, security processes and different systems of most plants. Shutoff control valves are also widespread in areas such as mining, chemical, construction and other types of industry. PVC Pipe fittings and valves used in waste-water treatment plants of various types, as well as a variety of chemically unstable and corrosive liquids. Shut-off valves can be of different kinds - valves and other kinds of gate mechanisms. Such valves allows overlapping sections of the pipeline, suspending them in the movement of water.

Mobile Circulator pumps

Water intake pumping station with mobile prefabricated Taco 007 and Grundfos Pumps

1 - Suction pipe;
2 - winch;
3 - pump;
4 - fuel tank;
5 - valve;
6 - penstock;
7 - bush-pin coupling;
8 - engine;
9 - collapsible tube RT-180;
10 - gas ejection vacuum apparatus.

Coastal Circulator pumps with water intake of the channel type is gathered from standardized building elements on site. Apply them in a temporary water supply systems: a construction site in camps, summer homes, rest homes, etc. A more progressive withdrawal device is the use of mobile Taco 007 IFC prefabricated, having a capacity of 0.03 ... 0.7 m3/sec. Such stations will be widely used in water supply for small communities, especially in remote areas, where the device is stationary intake difficult.

They can be regarded as a backup water intake device. Geodetic stations have suction lift of about 3 ... 4,5 m length of suction piping up to 6 m.
Mount them on a chassis with air suspension part (uniaxial or biaxial trailer) or on a sled (sledge trailer type);
equip the Taco motor or internal combustion engine;
transported on a trailer to a car or a tractor (the transport speed of 25 km / h).

Receiving water rises and falls with the help of a special winch, located complete with a pumping station. Pump start using gas-jet ejector or Circulating pumps. Serves the station, usually by one person. Includes station has a pressure pipeline length of 300 m. The water can be supplied in a coastal well Taco 007 pump I lift or in the suction pipe main pumps.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tankless water heaters for long and cold winter .... freezzzeee )))

Single flange EPO water heaters have a heating capacity of the location of the renowned flange with TENami (EPO-6 - 1 heater, the other - to 3), inlet and outlet tubing, emergency Thermoswitches (set temperature of 92 ° C) with self-resetting. Can be equipped with remote sensor, which allows adjustment of the water heater, depending on air temperature in a heated room. It is possible to install three types of remote controls - analog, modernized, electronic. Dimensions 565h270 mm, diameter 220 mm, weight of the water heater - 15 kg, control 270 (280) h205h175 mm, 3 kg.

Tankless water heaters Takagi Jr differ from EPO constructive - they are one-piece (remote control built into the body). There is a fuse of the circulating pump and control circuit, a double protection against overheating.

Can continuous adjustment of the coolant temperature thermostat, allowing these units can be used in systems floor heating. Dimensions 645h250h180 mm, weight 20-24 kg.

Compact and stylish design electric water heater DHZ 15 E from the world-famous firm Stiebel Eltron (B7440) - floor or wall-mounted unit, 15 kW, 400 V is designed for indoor heating systems, low-temperature systems such as floor heating and combined.

The brazed plate heat exchanger consists of a steel tank with corrosion-resistant coating, and three groups of heaters. After power is stepped, 6, 9, 12, 15 kW, to increase its power with a delay of 180 sec / step up to the installed capacity of heating.

The control and regulation allows for precise electronic regulation - at a temperature output line or by using external sensor and thermostat. Heating of the coolant - from 30 to 90 ° C, working pressure of 3 atm. Dimensions 730h280h280 mm, weight 24 kg.

Stiebel Eltron Tempra 24 - wall-mounted 24 kW, 400 V, used in closed heating systems as the primary source of heat. In metal case - insulated steel tank of 20 liters with corrosion coating, inside the four groups of heaters. Electrical - two automatic overload protection, three magnetic starter for the inclusion of groups heaters, two level control heating and security temperature limiter overload protection. There is a built-in automatic air remover. Office of the flow temperature or by street sensor and thermostat. Can connect modulating scheme for automation and work on a reduced-night rate.

Dimensions 950h560h347 mm, weight 90 kg.

All these models of electric water heaters require forced circulation of liquid coolant prepared (hot water GOST 2874-82 the net, or antifreeze) on the heating system with a separately mounted pump (commodity group H02).

water heaters EKCO Kospel Polish company, founded in 1990, today are among the most advanced machines of this type, and have included the circulation pump.

EKSO in our range (B7431, B7434-B7437) have a capacity of 6, 15, 18, 21 and 24 kW.

In the model EKSO.L 18 automatic transition from each of the six stages of power (6 heaters in the copper protective housing) is smooth, allowing use EKSO also for the warm floors and working with indirect heating water heater.

An additional temperature sensor at the inlet of the water heater promotes energy efficiency: the work going on at the minimum required power level. In Control Panel, you can monitor the temperature at the inlet and outlet, the size of the duct and the level of activated power.

Electronic control provides accurate EKSO.L 18 (0,25 ° C) temperature control from 5 to 85 ° C, reliable operation in automatic mode, simple operation. Can connect remote daily (weekly) Programmer temperature.

The temperature of water in water heaters version Takagi JR.R installed with the switch manually. Room temperature controller monitors the temperature in the room and if necessary, sends a signal on or off the water heater. In completing the water heater room includes temperature control, a security group and a manometer.

Electric water heaters can be used as a backup and the primary source of heat, easy to use, does not require special care and a separate room, chimneys and liners for them. They are inexpensive to install, safe to use, quiet and emit no odors.

More information about these and other advantages of electric heating water heaters, which will not let you freeze, you will tell the technical consultants to our sales offices.

Installation of sanitary fittings for cold and hot water

The following recommendations will help to properly perform the connection Wirsbo-PEX tubing for plumbing fixture, with the use of PEX boxes and knees for reinforcement:

• Identify the place of installation of sanitary fittings and route of.
Installation of plumbing system Wirsbo

• Run in the wall Stroebe for laying tubing and holes for installing boxes with the tribes to connect mixers. Stroebe need to perform so as to provide the required bend radius tubing. tubing can also be mounted in the walls of frame buildings, where there is no need to implement Stroebe. Install the template in the supposed site of installation to connect to the device. Run a temporary connection boxes and the tribes to the hinges with a stub. Hold the box in a prescribed place and fix the template. Flatten the surface around each box with a knee and wait until the solution solidifies. Pull the plug and remove the template.
Installation of water Wirsbo

• Loosen the screws and pull out of the box knee. Drag a box of PEX tubing with a protective tube "Poeschl. Stick out from the protective tubing PEX tubing with 100-150 mm. PEX tubing at this stage should go out of the box. With Quick-Easy connection to connect the knee to the device with the tubing. With the mounting sleeve to insert the tube with the knee in a box. Tighten the knee to the box. Unscrew and remove the mounting nut.

Installation of water Wirsbo PEX

• In Stroebe pave the tubing. Measure the required length of tubing to connect PEX to a manifold and trim it with scissors. Connect the tubing to the collector, in accordance with installation instructions for the implementation of the connection Quick-Easy.
Installation of water Wirsbo

• Connect the other tubing to the collector
Installation of water Wirsbo PEX Tubing

• After the hydraulic test all Stroebe plaster and smooth over the surface of the wall.

Polyethylene PEX tubing

PEX tubing made of polyethylene are designed for underground PEX tubing transporting flammable natural gases, which serve as raw material and fuel for industrial and household use.

"FIRAT" (Firat) produces tubing for gas SDR 11, SDR17 and SDR 17.6 in accordance with ISO 4337 with a diameter of 20 mm. to 315 mm. For the production of tubing used polyethylene PE 80 (color yellow).

Gas transportation is of great vital importance, therefore, "FIRAT" (Firat) provides quality control of raw materials before entering it into production and is undergoing rigorous control of every meter of tubing produced. Infrared measuring systems are available on all production sites, which provides continuous monitoring at every stage of production. After each party produced tubing are tested under laboratory conditions and only after the approval of quality indicators they are allowed to implement and use. Computer files with data on the manufactured tubes are stored and if necessary, can be done again and reverse control.

Connecting tubing shall be made only by means of fittings made from the same material as the tubing elektrofuzionnoy by welding or by welding "butt".

Application of PEX tubing made of polyethylene has undeniable advantages:

* Life longer than metal (warranty 50 years) does not require cathodic protection, and therefore require virtually no maintenance;
* Not afraid of contact with water and harsh environments;
* Polyethylene tubing are 2-4 times lighter than steel;
* 12-meter intervals during installation does not require lifting mechanisms;
* PEX tubing up to diameter 110 mm inclusive bays are available from 100 to 300 meters;
* Butt welding of polyethylene tubing are much cheaper, easier and takes less time;
* PEX joint requires no additional consumables (isolation, electrodes);
* Toxicity and bacteriologic PEX tubing made of polyethylene are safe;
* PEX tubing made of polyethylene is not classified as dangerous goods.

PEX tubing made of polyethylene to ensure environmental security and safety staff.

Reliability as a property of polyethylene tubing. polyethylene tubing

PEX plumbing pipeline system

One way to improve the stability of intakes in excessive loss of water level at the source (in water intake wells) is to increase the vacuum suction Taco 007 pump, in particular through the creation of high-pressure water jets in the intake plumbing pipeline pump. On the basis of special studies carried out to Institute VODGEO VF Toltsmanom, studied hydraulic phenomena and regularities of interaction between the main flow inlet and flow of the jet, which creates a nozzle installed in the intake PEX plumbing pipeline. To obtain the positive effect of the nozzle must be mounted at a distance from the pump at least five diameters of the pipeline.

In periods of low (critical) levels of source water and, consequently, in the coastal pit work pumps can fail also because of the small supply of water in the suction chamber, leading to air leak. To avoid this, when constructing the onshore wells should be provided with constructive and technological parameters of the relationship of water intake depends on
Wi / qi> 30 ... 35
(Where Wi - the volume of water in the suction chamber, m3; qi - amount of water, pumped from this chamber, m3 / s).
With the same aim of rainwater hole suction pipe must bury at least h, m:
h> 8,5 qi / (0,785 dc)
where DK - diameter of the well, equivalent to the area of the suction chamber, m
In addition, there should be a condition h> 2D.

In order to avoid leak-deposited sediment in the onshore well is downhill chute should be located at a distance of not less than 0,5 D from the bottom of the well. In existing PEX plumbing system in violation of the stability of the pumps due to air suction makes the diaphragm on the bell suction pipe or floating panels, impeding the formation of air funnels and vacuum breakdown. Diaphragm is usually made of sheet steel and welded to the bell, and floating panels - from boards, put together in the leg vertical riser intake plumbing pipeline. At the same panels can move only vertically.

Enhancing the stability of the Taco 007 IFC I rise through the evacuation of coastal wells is their seal (especially floors) and additional equipment vacuum installations. For this purpose, can be used Circulating pumps GDP-12 or RMK-3 (one worker, the second backup). For any dimensions of modern onshore wells Required value of the vacuum in them can be reached within 5 ... 10 min. The water level in the well regulate the air intake under the joists, which in the suction plumbing pipeline Circulating pumps establish a special connection. In addition to improving the stability of the vacuum pump water well can improve their performance.

Brass ball valves

Naval company is reconstructing the plant and produces complete automation of production, leading to an increase in output.

NAVAL ball valves are used in various industries. Cranes are available ranging in size from DN 10 to DN 600 and are available with flanged, welded and / or threaded connections. Cranes can be equipped with a worm gear, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators. Manufactured valves for water supply and heating, compressed air and oil lines (full-and incomplete-pass) for steam and gas pipelines, pipelines for the aggressive environment.
Steel ball valves Naval

1. Welded brass ball valves Naval
2. Flanged brass ball valves Naval
3. Threaded brass ball valves Naval