Sunday, May 30, 2010

PEX heat transfer plates

Large Italian concern SIRA is a manufacturer of PEX heat transfer plates. radiant heating appliances CF with five different models (300/500/600/700/800) operated at an operating pressure of 25 atm is pressed pressure 37.5 atm. Maximum coolant temperature - 1100 S. coolant contact area with the aluminum alloy is 5-10 times smaller than in conventional PEX heat transfer plates, which minimizes the risk of corrosion and the formation of gases. The thermal efficiency of panels - from 142 to 280 Tues The manufacturer guarantees the smooth operation of the product in techsnie 20 years.

Department SIRA, plant ROVALL, produces aluminum PEX heat transfer plates sectional models OPERA 350 and 500. They are designed for working pressure of 20 atm and 30 atm hydrostatic testing, the limit is the strength of the materials from which the heat transfer plates are made, is 100 (!) Atm. Heat transfer devices at 700 C - 150 and 190 watts with one section. Maximum coolant temperature - 1100 S. heat transfer plates protected inside from corrosion and scale formation special coating. The company provides its products SIRA 15-year guarantee subject to the rules of their installation and operation. To relate to the characteristics of aluminum heat transfer plates SWING models produce the same plant model SAHARA Plus, manufactured by Italian firm OLIVER INTERNATIONAL, model CALIDOR 97 SUPER Italian company FONDIAL, model ELEGANCE, produced by Canadian firm "Termoros" together with the Italian factory INDUSTRIE PASOTTI.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Tankless water heater: Z-Flex Venting Parts for Takagi

As the owner of a Tankless water heater plant to pay for all the received fuel, but uses it only Qpolezn. It becomes clear that it is efficiency - the most important parameter, which necessarily have to pay attention to when selecting staff. Indeed, if you buy a cheap Tankless water heater with an efficiency = 60%, then your joy will be short: you have to pay for fuel in 1,5 times more than your neighbor who bought an expensive Tankless water heater with an efficiency = 90%. And with today's fuel prices more expensive but more efficient Tankless water heater will pay for itself very quickly.

Takagi Venting Parts & Controls

Takagi Venting Parts & Controls

Z-Flex Venting Parts for Takagi

Z-Flex Venting Parts for Takagi

Thus, different Tankless water heaters have different efficiency. But first, let us recall that any fossil fuel goes a long way from its place of production to your Tankless water heater. And all the way - the inevitable losses. If, for example, the Tankless water heater operates on diesel, fuel oil or other liquid fuel, then before entering the fuel tank will begin series of losses. From the very beginning (in oil) for almost 6% of the energy contained in crude oil lost as a result of the emission of gas from the liquid phase. Losses in transport oil to the refinery (refinery) is approximately 1%. Crude oil is processed at the refinery, and to obtain light fractions of liquid fuels have to spend about another 9% of energy (if the technology of oil processing provides for malosernistnogo fuel). The distribution of the finished fuel from refineries to the consumer also consumes energy equivalent to about 1% of fuel energy. Thus, even before entering the Takagi Tankless water heater losses already accounted for a significant amount, and all this will have to compensate the buyer of fuel. STAGES OF ENERGY LOSS

The figure shows the various stages of energy loss. Over 100% adopted energy fuel (or other liquid fuels) in the tank of the Takagi Tankless water heater. To fill this reservoir is needed is the amount of oil, which contains 115-117% of energy. From the same graph shows that the biggest losses are in the stage of combustion. Indeed, even in our time can be seen Tankless water heaters with an efficiency = 70%.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gas Tankless water heaters

Few words about the wall-hung gas Tankless water heaters

It happened historically - with Canada foreigners associated scope, breadth and generosity of soul. What else? After being guided by these concepts and lead-town construction several years ago, and then, again with the Canadian generosity, heat it all through the Tankless water heater equipment, for power to warm for at least another half of the same house.

Today the situation is changing: the mania for giants unreasonable thing of the past, hunters heat out fewer and fewer, more expensive liquid fuels. In this regard, in villages, where gasification takes place, the owners of individual housing immediately try to install in your home gas appliances. And the owners are not palaces, but the common area homes prefer radiant heating equipment capable of without any extra cost to heat their medium-sized suburban housing. Do the owners of such houses in buying outdoor gas Tankless water heater is not necessary. They have to heat their homes is a good alternative - to buy a wall mounted gas Tankless water heater with adequate and appropriate space power. Not bad, because wall-mounted gas Tankless water heaters 1,5-2 times cheaper than their outdoor cousins, and their power range (20 to 32 kW, depending on the manufacturer and brand of the Tankless water heater) allows you to heat and provide hot water to residential premises 200-250 m2.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taco Mixing Valves & Taco Zone Valves

When choosing a radiant heating Tankless water heater or other radiant heating units, we first pay attention to price and quality consumer purchased the unit: it should be simple and easy to use, reliable, aesthetic, etc. But later, paying for fuel, we are convinced that the most important characteristic of any toplivoszhigayuschego device is its cost, ie, the efficiency ratio (CAP).

The fact that not all the energy contained in the fuel consumed for hot water (hot water Tankless water heaters) and steam (in steam Taco Zone Valves), and some of it is lost in the transition of the chemical energy of fossil fuels to heat. The ratio of useful heat, ie you used in the form of hot water, warm air, etc., to the expended, ie, the energy that was contained in your pre-paid fuel - natural gas, diesel or solid fuel briquettes, - this is the efficiency of the device.

Taco Mixing Valves

Amount spent by the heat is always greater than the number of useful heat, so the efficiency is always less than 1,0 - or less than 100%, if we assume that Qzatrach. = 100%. However, recently there have been so-called condensing Tankless water heaters, the efficiency of which can reach 102-108%. Below we describe the little trick that allows you to obtain such a high efficiency.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Tankless water heaters for Radiant Heating

The fact that the bypass wall Tankless water heaters there are so-called "priority of hot water." That is, until the hot water remains open, batteries, radiant heating your home, do not get from the Tankless water heater for radiant heating homes or degrees Celsius. What are you most likely while you wash dishes or take a shower, do not even pay attention.

Nevertheless, getting hot water with great comfort it is quite possible the combination of single-loop Tankless water heater with a Tankless water heater. In this case, the task of preparing hot water assumes no secondary heat exchanger, a Tankless water heater, the use of which (in contrast to the heat exchanger) allows you to always have a supply of hot water (160-200 liters), and you do not have to worry about that at the time of adoption bath radiant heating heat transfer plates can cool off somewhat. In addition, when using the Tankless water heater at the opening of the hot water, you immediately get the desired result, instead of using a two-circuit of the Tankless water heater, which needs some time to tap flowed really hot water.

Aluminum heat transfer plates for Radiant Heating

The famous USA firm Everhot produces aluminum panel heat transfer plates, convectors models 11, 21, 22, 23, designed to operate at an operating pressure of 8.7 atm, pressure testing, under pressure of 13 atm and a maximum temperature of the coolant 1100 S. feature of the device consists of devices that All panel heat transfer plates are equipped with convection fins.

Panel heat transfer plates from cold-rolled sheet aluminum of thickness 1.25 mm delivers to Canada Germanic firm GALANT. The characteristics of its products are identical heat transfer plates KERMI. This versatile heaters with a large selection of connectivity options and the most complete set of accessories. Installation of heat transfer plates on special tires in just 8 minutes. All products are GALANT immaculate appearance. Recently, the Canadian market has another producer panel heat transfer plates - European concern CARADON, presenting the model STELRAD NOVELLO and STELRAD COMPACT, as well as necessary accessories for them.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Radiant heating equipment

radiant heating equipment of various companies has its own characteristics that meet the specific needs of the consumer. Tankless water heaters Germany firms (Stiebel Eltron Tempra, Wolf, Vaillant, etc) are different choice of different levels of automation, providing a more comfortable working conditions and the reliability of the fluctuations in voltage that is of great importance in Canada. Taco, Takagi is in our country, gas water heaters for hot water, gas wall-hung Tankless water heaters for radiant heating individual houses, cottages and apartments.

Tankless water heaters firm Wolf features a high efficiency (up to 96%). Among the most popular series units NK (17-63 kW) and MKS (65-550 kW), operating on diesel or gas fuel. For smaller rooms are available Tankless water heaters Top One (27 kW). Prices for the products Wolf comparable with the prices of similar products company Viessmann. The Swedish company CTC presents a variety of Tankless water heaters and other radiant heating appliances. The Tankless water heater ITS Regent for radiant heating and hot water can be used by electricity, gas or liquid fuel, the unit also has a ceramic chamber for burning wood. The cost of double-circuit Tankless water heaters STS with a gas burner Bentone is from 3600 USD (18-45 kW) to 6800 cu (25-75 kW); bypass combined (universal for fuel) - from 2600 USD (15-45 kW) to 7700 cu (55-95 kW) BWR - from 4600 USD (20-60 kW) to 7000 cu (55-95 kW). A wide range of Tankless water heaters for autonomous radiant heating supplies in Canada Italian firm Beretta. In our market today comes the Spanish Roca. Unfortunately, the article "The global revolution in the hot water supply" the previous issue of the journal "Aqua-Therm," the author wrongly identified it as "primitive." We relate this definition to hasty conclusions by a lack of information. The list of European companies operating in Canada, and includes such well-known companies as ACV (Belgium), Protherm (Czech Republic),

Monday, May 17, 2010

Types of Tankless water heaters

Wall-mounted gas Tankless water heaters are of two types - with pezorozzhigom and electronic ignition. In the case of pezorozzhiga run the Tankless water heater must be done manually by inserting the handle toggle switch (or pressing pezoknopku). Tankless water heater with electronic ignition will be launched automatically. The same thing happens if you, for whatever reasons, to cut off the gas and the Tankless water heater stop: the resumption of gas Tankless water heater with electronic ignition switch on their own, and for the resumption of the Tankless water heater with pezorozzhigom need to re-enable pezoknopku.

By way of removing waste gas wall-hung Tankless water heaters are divided into turbo (with fan) and Tankless water heaters with natural draft. When using turbo-products of combustion are removed with a blower built into the Tankless water heater. That turbo in Europe are set in those homes where the chimney is not provided, in which the Tankless water heater house on the right takes place in the kitchen. A departing gases are vented through dymootvodyaschy channel for which the wall is drilled a hole. Ducts for such a Tankless water heater is a special "double pipe", or, as some call it - "pipe in pipe". In the inner tube of a "chimney" under the pressure of the fan ejected outgoing gases, and the external tube enters the air.

Tankless water heaters with natural draft combustion products are removed, respectively, due to natural draft, which is formed in the chimney.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Characteristic differences

These Tankless water heaters are quite accidentally called wall. Ability to establish such Tankless water heaters on the wall much easier life to those owners who have room under the Tankless water heater is not provided, or that the premises have already found some other use. Wall mounted gas Tankless water heater can be installed in the kitchen, where he easily blends into any interior thanks to its compact, elegant design and color (for the most part - white) and appearance will not differ from the usual wall-mounted cabinets. But his silent work (due to the fact that the burner is installed directly inside the Tankless water heater) is not telling the uninitiated guests that one of ordinary kitchen cabinets hidden heart of your home.

The main condition for the installation of the Tankless water heater in the kitchen (only in Canadian terms) is that the kitchen chimney, despite the fact that the ceiling height should not be less than 2,5 m.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Economically and environmentally safe

The heart of the tankless water heater Takagi JR cylindrical burner, also made of stainless steel. It is the most economical, because due to its modulated operating mode, it adapts well to the heat load. This dramatically reduces emissions of harmful substances, the level of which is thus far below the environmental standard "Blue Angel".

Compact Thermoblock Takagi JR 200 fits almost everywhere. You can embed it into the kitchen to the bathroom, the attic, in recesses and corners. Authorized Firm for heating engineer to quickly assemble Takagi JR 200, and now he is ready for operation.

Main advantages:

* Gas Condensate Thermoblock as single-circuit or a combined unit. Power 8,8-26 kW.

* Regulatory Efficiency: up to 107%.

* Condensation surface Inox-Radial stainless steel: efficient and durable.

* Economical cylindrical burner stainless steel.

* The level of harmful emissions significantly below the environmental standard "Blue Angel".

* Do not leave the side of the space for servicing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PEX tools for PEX pipes cutter

In section provides PEX tools for cutting and further processing all types of pipes. With the help of PEX pipe cutters, both manual and electric you can get high-quality flat cut without deformation of the pipe, which is sometimes very important for the process of installing the pipeline. Using electric saws, you can easily cope with large volumes of work sawing pipes and various other materials. When using hand-support PEX tool you quickly and will generate a processing PEX pipe and other tubing. Bolt cutter is easy to help cope with the tasks of snacking valves, bolts, steel wire.

PEX tools Manufacturer

PEX Info company "is known in Canada as an official representative of USA concern OxyPEX, productivity for pex tubing products. For clients not only in this type of product, but everything needed for ease of installation and pex tubing climping, PEX Info company "in 2000, has developed and continues to this day cooperation with the USA company KLAUCER, which together with the American manufacturer is part of Greenday Textorn Corporation Inc.
Company KLAUCER, founded in 1879 to date - an acknowledged world leader in the production tool for crimping terminals, pruning or stripping pex tubing. Manufacturer OxyPEX is a manufacturer of mechanical and PEX tools for working with metal, as well as measuring and testing devices in electrical engineering, equipment and guides for pex tubing laying. In this article, wanted to make a brief overview of the most popular types of tools to work with pex tubing.

PEX tools for PEX tubing.

For fast and high-quality cabling without creases and damage is a separate series of devices manufactured by Greenlee. Angle guide with rollers Right Angle Rollers are designed for convenient, not causing unnecessary problems, broaches the pex tubing on the turns. With the help of a special roller system pex tubing easily without the threat of damage to the insulation and a hall pass, rounding the corners.

Noteworthy device for broaching the pex tubing or wire through the pex tubing channels, pipes or other narrow and long space long before 60m. The so-called «Fish Tapes» equipped with a reinforced handle, which is designed for prolonged use, while its design makes it much easier to work with the device. Tape and reel can be made of nylon or steel, preventing corrosion and extends the life of the device itself, wherever it is used.

Quality and functionality of the listed tools confirm the companies won Klauke and Greenlee reputation as producers of high quality products, designed to make work more convenient for mounting, and the result - reliable.

Get more information and buy products all interested can contact the PEX Info company.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Air Spirovent & Separators

The Dutch company offers a line separator Spirovent. The devices are designed to remove sludge and gases from the liquid coolant heating and air-conditioning chillers.

Unlike conventional cartridge filter, used for mechanical cleaning of water separators operate on the principle of stopping the flow. The novelty of it makes an unusual design trap - a patented invention by Dutch engineers. This is a special way around the copper tube soldered copper wire - the endless spiral of Spiro.

The result is a structure capable to remove solids sludge (mud) up to 5 microns, are not blocked and is not increasing the hydraulic resistance. Plus design in the absence of replacement cartridges. Lifetime separators 30 years.

The design of tubes Spiro and the chassis ensures that flow deceleration that stand out from the bubbles of dissolved gases (air) and climb into an air chamber, and the sludge sinks to the bottom. The air bleed through the automatic valve, and the sludge is discharged through the tap.

The line includes models with a threaded connection is vertical and horizontal PEX tubing (with diameters from 1 / 2 inch to 11 / 2 inches, and with the flange connection of large horizontal PEX tubing designed to flow water over 8 m3 / h. The devices cut into the pipeline and directly can operate at a temperature of 110 ° C and a pressure of 10 bar.
Types of Separators Spirovent or Taco Air Separators

* Spirovent Spirotop
* Separator micro air Spirovent 'AIR
* Sump Spirovent 'DIRT
* Separator microbubbles and sludge Spirovent 'AIR & DIRT
* Hydraulic Spirovent Spirovent AIR SUPERIOR

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Why is a expansion tank?

When heated, the boiler temperature of the liquid-coolant in it rises and the liquid expands. The liquid is practically incompressible and if the heating system is not equipped with optional device that allows to withdraw the additional amount, it will inevitably happen its destruction. To avoid this and apply expansion (compensation) tanks.

Water systems and water treatment

Tanks for water (hydraulic accumulators) - used to accumulate a certain amount of water, to be her issue at the desired pressure at the right time.

Other features tanks

Expansion tanks (like Extrol 60) may be used to prevent the destruction of the system from water hammer. Also, tanks can be used as a container with liquid in fire fighting systems, fire fighting, and as a reserve tanks in cases where electricity is turned off. Hydraulic tanks are used not only in domestic but also in industrial and agricultural water supplies. This professional series is designed for working pressure up to 16 bar.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Radiant Heating systems. Where to start?

Quite relevant issues today are questions about Radiant Heating. What equipment do I need to choose? Can I arrange the heating system itself? Where should you start? Let's try together to find answers to these and more questions.

The most responsible in the establishment of the Radiant Heating system - well-designed plan. Therefore, if you do not have special education in this field, the solution of this problem is better to give into the hands of qualified professionals. Moreover, it is better to install this system also is a special organization. Otherwise, you have no repair the damage done to the failure of your equipment.

However, if you do decide to design the system yourself, carefully read the information cited below. Even if you change your mind doing it themselves, this knowledge will help you in determining the professional level of employees to which you refer.

To date, all kinds of system installation has been tested by time, so any new technology you will find navryadli. But even if suddenly you still find something new and seemingly practical, it is still better to rely on already proven repeatedly. Any heating system requires the necessary fit the architecture of your building.

Before I begin, please be patient, go to the library, or use the internet, where you can gather the necessary information for yourself, or you can consult with specialists familiar architects and obtain from them a couple of other useful tips.

Only after you are confident in the level of their knowledge - can proceed directly to the design of the Radiant heating system, and then to mount the heating.