Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Takagi tankless water heaters

Takagi water heaters are open, a series of "VC", or closed, a series of "NC", the combustion chamber. Closed combustion chamber allows the combustion gases are not in a vertical chimney, a device which is very expensive, and in coaxial horizontal chimney, directly through the Takagi of the house. This eliminates the need for a separate vent pipe on which the water heater must enter the air required for combustion of gas. This role performs the outer shell chimney. This design is called a chimney "tube in tube" and especially in demand in homes with Flats heating. When buying a water heater series "NC", coaxial flue supplied.

Burner, tankless water heater «Takagi», due to the peculiarities of their construction is insensitive to fluctuations in gas pressure in the pipeline. At a nominal pressure gas 13 ICBMs, the water heater reliably at a gas pressure at the inlet burner 5 - 6 ICBMs. Power it while it is true, is reduced by 50-60%, but the wear of the burner is not increased. In addition, the burners in the water heaters modulating, ie intensity of combustion depends on the thermal performance of the water heater and the mode of heating and hot water. This property of the burner extends its working life and provides an economical mode of consumption of gas.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PEX Fittings

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Types of PEX Fittings

In the world of PEX fittings, it can be very confusing to know which the different types of fittings available are out there. There are so many varieties and constructions that here we demystify it for you!

Brass Crimp Styles

These brass style PEX fittings are obviously made of brass but also are the cheapest and commonest kinds of PEX fittings used these days. You can install these using either cinch or clamp technique or the crimp method.

Plastic Type

These are also called poly crimp style PEX fittings and found in black or white colors. These resemble brass variants of PEX fittings and have similar number of barbs.

Push Fit

If you don’t have any PEX rings or PEX tools for connecting with PEX tubing these are perfect for you. The special locking mechanism with multiple components easily slides the PEX pipe to the fitting.

Other variants of the PEX fittings include expansion PEX fittings, press type, compression etc. While the expansion type has a large size middle barb diameter, the compression type has two o-rings of rubber placed on the fitting barbs. The press type of PEX fittings have large amount of barbs over them.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

PEX plumbing supplies

While the PEX plumbing supplies tend to have a large plethora of advantages, there are a couple of drawbacks as well. The main disadvantage of these supplies is that they cannot be used in the outdoors. Hence, exposure to sunlight directly is not allowed. If such pipes are left outside too long they can get damaged seriously.

Wide Temperature Ranges

One of the biggest advantages about PEX plumbing supplies is that they are able to withstand a large range of temperatures spanning under freezing to as much as even 200 degree Fahrenheit as well. This is why people use such supplies for various cooling and heating applications. The ability to function optimally across such diverse temperature ranges makes the PEX plumbing supplies truly versatile.

Monday, April 19, 2010

PEX fittings

for plumbing and heating supply we have large selection of PEX fittings for all size

Tips on choosing the heating system for the floor.

When choosing a radiant heating system must respond to several questions:
# Is this the main heating system or heating comfort
# What is the nature and characteristics of the premises where it is planned to install «warm floor»
# If there is a sufficient number of electrical power
# How "smart" thermostat is needed
# What type of insulation can be put in a room, based on the thickness of the existing floor, it covers and door sills
# What kind of Radiant PEX tubing is available at a price.
warm floor

Consider, first of all, the choice of power system, since other issues are discussed in the relevant sections. Each of the systems in the range of all manufacturers is designed for installation on a particular area, eg, 2-4 meters These facilities are chosen from the condition that the specific capacity of the system should correspond to heat losses in the surroundings of this room, and the length of a section can produce a layout of the area with valid steps (from 8 to 15 cm). The method accurately calculate the heat contained in the SNIP II-3-79, but for simplicity, should be calculated for the conditions of Central America and average construction conditions, based on the values of 120-140 W / sq. It should also be noted that heating section is usually placed on some (10-20 cm) away from walls to furniture-free area. Thus, when using warm floor as the main heating system is necessary to determine space heating is less unheated areas. For example, floor space is 14 m2 free space - 10 m2. Power system when the main heating is 1,8 kW, with a comfortable floor heating - 1.2 kW.

The calculation is very simple, but usually have to take into account the characteristics of the premises, which include:
# First and last floors of buildings
# Rooms with large glazing - conservatories, bay windows, balconies
# Facilities with enough insulating enclosing structures
# Floors with special materials with large thickness or a high heat capacity (thick plates
# Marble or granite, etc.)

In all these cases it is necessary to increase the capacity of the system, as well as conduct Thermal calculation. Special mention should be on the premises with wooden floors or parquet. Due to the low thermal conductivity of wood at a standard power density of «warm floor» temperature on the surface of the floor will be noticeably lower than desired. At the same time, under the wooden surface in the space between the lags due to poor heat transfer surface temperature PEX tubing will increase. Thus, the power of PEX tubing will be primarily spent on heating the wood, which is extremely undesirable from the point of view of maintaining its moisture.

Some companies offer for rooms with wooden floors section Radiant PEX tubing with a specific power of 10 W / m Of course, PEX tubing will not heat too much, but the heating in such systems is practically unnoticeable. On the use of «warm floor» as the main heating system in such premises is out. To avoid misunderstandings, as well as the high fire risk, we do not recommend the use of «warm floors» in their classical performance in rooms with wooden floors.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Copper pipes and PEX fittings

Against the backdrop of steel, PEX pipes made of copper seem preferable. Copper, one might say, an ideal material for PEX plumbing supply. It not only corrupts, but even the potential to enhance the taste of water. Lack of copper tubing is one - the high price.

Copper fittings

Material composition: copper Brand CU-DHP, which does not contain oxidizing substances. Clean copper is 99.9%. Inside the pipe is covered with corrosion-resistant oxide layer.

Operating temperature: up to 150 C

Operating pressure: up to 200 atm. depending on diameter.

Application: drinking water supply systems, heating systems, sewage systems, gas and liquefied gas.

Advanced technology of the warm floors

Since the phrase "warm floors" entered our lexicon passed 15 years. And today, heated floors are no longer the privilege of only very wealthy people. On the market there are many different systems of gender and want to mount them. And the price came down to acceptable levels.

Floor heating system heats the air to a height of 2-2,5 meters. This ensures the most comfortable for the temperature distribution rights - at ground level air at 2-4 degrees warmer than the ceiling. In addition, a large heated surface is more economical and efficient than the small, but intense heat source. Such a system could solve the problem, both main and auxiliary heating (in this case it is laid in separate rooms and has less power).

Pluses and minuses of warm floor

There are two types of floor heating: using floor heating with hot water (PEX Tubing Pro) and heating PEX cables.

The main advantage PEX Tubing Pro is that it does not require large expenditures - pipe welded to a system of central heating or hot water. Another advantage of a water heating system: unlike the electric it is compatible with all types of floor coverings.

The main negative - the inability to control the temperature (if you depend on external heating systems).

It may happen that the pressure in the overall system is not enough to pump through your pipes. In addition, there is a real danger of damage during installation of the pipe and a few minutes to flood lower neighbors. And if an accident happens during the operation PEX Tubing Pro (which happens mainly due to wear of pipe joints with a riser), will overlap the entire riser.

Therefore, experts advise using PEX Tubing Pro where there is a heating system, - in country cottages.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Taco Pumps

Taco pumps are a group of pump-sets, ie, devices that do not have moving parts. In the Taco pump pumped medium (liquid, gas or a mixture

of liquid with gas or solids) moves the external flow (Taco) of the working fluid. This transfer of energy from one stream to another directly without intermediate nodes.

Taco pump consists of the following main elements: the working nozzle, mixing chamber (neck), a diffuser inlet throat area (diffuser).

The cavity, which receives pumped liquid, usually called the working or the suction chamber. Operating nozzle (nozzles) is mainly

located coaxially with the mixing chamber or at the periphery of the mixing chamber to form a ring. Less often use a combination of the

location of the working nozzle or a multi machines. Output part (cut plane) of the working nozzle should be in the entrance of the

mixing chamber at a distance (one to three fire nozzle) before him.

The principle of Taco pump next. In the nozzle the liquid through the narrow cross-section becomes greater speed, its kinetic energy

increases, and the potential, therefore, decreases. The pressure is reduced and at a certain speed is less than atmospheric, ie, in the

suction chamber there is a vacuum. Under the action of vacuum suction fluid from the reservoir to the suction tube enters into the

suction chamber and then into the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber is mixing the working fluid flow, while the working fluid gives

the fluid part of the energy collected from a receiving tank.

After the mixing chamber, the flow enters the diffuser where its velocity gradually decreases and the static pressure increases. Next by

pressure pipe fluid gets into a collecting tank.

Neglecting the friction head and overcoming local resistance, we can determine the power expended in pumping the liquid.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Takagi tankless water heaters Economy Series

Takagi Tankless water heaters GAZLUX Series Economy - an economy-class, open combustion chamber, for 1-2 water points, manual control, ignition batteries, liquid gas.

Gas instantaneous water heaters Takagi Economy - appliances with open combustion chamber, suitable for the supply of 1 or 2 water points. Speakers have manual control of water and power burner with rotary knobs. Ignition of the burner is carried out automatically on batteries column starts at the opening of the hot water.

Tankless water heaters Takagi Series Economy work as a natural and liquefied gas.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Intellectualization Radiant Heating equipment

In the process of modernizing the manufacturer seeks to primarily take into account the interests of the buyer. After all, many of them recently it seems important to operate the heating and water heating equipment in the individual, suitable concrete shelter mode. Make the device more sensitive to the desires of the consumer allows the introduction of automation, control its operation. Modern equipment allows you to create multiple heating circuits, respectively, expanding the simultaneous use of conventional heating systems and underfloor heating. Multi regulation helps to maintain its own temperature regime of the coolant in each circuit. In addition, you can install more efficient heating for the status of individual ancillary areas (pantries, garage, basement), which are used by tenants for a limited time.

Possibility of temperature control heating circuit, of course, helps maintain comfortable conditions in any weather and at the same time saves energy source, and therefore means the user. At the same time thanks to recent innovations to monitor the weather may itself boiler with auxiliary equipment, for example, using external power Clima Manager.

Given the changes in temperature in the cold, the boiler automatically controls the temperature of the coolant in the heating system, ensuring a comfortable temperature in the room. Automatic control can save up to 35% of energy consumption.

In the process of upgrading this equipment is endowed with a kind of "artificial intelligence". That, in turn, confronts the task of the designer to ensure an easy approach to the complex management. The whole wide range of settings, modes, all kinds of functions should be understandable to the user. Therefore, an increasing number of boilers equipped with a warning system that reflects the modes and parameters of the equipment. This can be used indicators or display through which the boiler communicates with the host. Management of this boils down to a few functional buttons on the panel. It can also be done remotely, since the introduction of the latest developments allows you to control the boiler by means of sms-messages.

more information see this

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Transportation and storage of PEX pipes and tubing

Keeping pipes from polymeric materials

It is recommended for possible extended period of time to keep the pipe in packaging manufacturer.

Tubes can be stored in warehouses or outdoors. In the latter case, the pipe is desirable to protect from direct sunlight. Necessary to ensure the safety of pipes and fittings from physical damage, deformation and contact with them, oil and fats.

Pipes should be stored in piles no higher than 2 meters on flat ground. When storing the pipes in the packaging of the manufacturer, they can be installed at each other with an emphasis on the wooden frame, but not more than 4 layers.

Not bonded pipe should be stored on firm ground as shown in Figure 1.

Fig. 1. Keeping pipes from polyethylene

Transporting, packing, loading and unloading pipes from polymeric materials
Works related to the transportation, loading and unloading of pipes, fittings and piping components of high-density polyethylene (PE), should be carried out at a temperature not lower than minus 20 ° C. It is necessary to take measures to avoid the possibility of mechanical damage and harmful strains, leading to their destruction, especially at low temperatures.

Fig. 2. Transportation of pipes in bulk polyethylene

When transporting the pipe shall be laid on wooden slats, securely fastened to the bottom of the truck. Wooden slats also placed between the layers of tubes (see Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Stringing a rangefinder

To fix the most extreme of pipes used wedges to prevent movement during transportation.

To prevent the movement of internal tubes during transport and damage between them is recommended to lay rubber gaskets.

In order to keep all the pipes together, the entire series should be protected with plastic wrap ribbons. In addition, the sides of the truck must be vertical racks to ensure immobility and safety of pipes for transportation on uneven and inclined sections of the road.

To reduce the cost of transporting the pipe can be packed in telescopic (nested one inside the other). In this case, you must follow special instructions for loading, processing, storage and transportation with the use of fork lifts. Loading / unloading of pipes produced by one, beginning with the pipe of the biggest / smallest diameter. Manipulations are made with care, avoiding pipe graze each other, see Figure 4.

Fig. 4. Unloading pipes arranged telescopically

When handling such packages should have the following general procedure:

1. It is always necessary to remove (lift) sub-bundle, using at least two lines (Fig. 5). Straps should be used of sufficient strength, because of the large weight of the package. The strength of a sling can be calculated by weight characteristics of pipes (see Specification).

Fig. 5. Transportation ligament

1 - guideline
2. The nested tubes are usually best stored in the transport packaging. Accumulation of these packages on-site storage (storage) is not desirable. Do not stack bags like pipes in the stack, if it is not stated specifically.
3. Packages nested one inside the other pipes can be safely transported only in the original shipping packaging. Special requirements, if any, from the points of support, accommodation and / or secure during transport should be defined for each project.
4. Removal of packing and removal of tubes from the package is best done on a specially prepared site. As a rule, the court should be set three or four fixed support, calculated on the external diameter of the largest pipe of the package. Removing packages from each inner tubes produce slightly lifted her on a special inserts a rod, so that it does not concern the other pipes. If the weight, the length of pipe and / or other hardware limitations prevent the use of this method, the procedure extracting inner tube from the package must be determined separately for each project.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Taco Pumps Circulators

Pipes (heating pumps) Taco (Canada) - a reliable solution for heating, air conditioning, hot water, tap water
Pipes (heating pumps) from the company's Taco enjoy a good reputation worldwide for its high reliability, perfect climate Danish quality and service.

The company produces a variety of Taco Pumps Circulators (pumps heating) for heating and air conditioning, hot and cold water, as well as equipment for control of pumps and pumping units. With its broad product range always easy to choose the right type of motor pump and the optimal management system for small domestic hydro systems, as well as for industrial high power. Pipes (heating pumps) Taco able to meet the latest requirements of industry and the residential sector.

To find the circulation pumps (pumps heating), you can use the software TACO.

Pump selection program.
Works under windows. Requires installation on your hard drive.
Download (1 386 Kb)

You can use the on-line version of the program selection (pumps, circulators (pumps, heating)) on the manufacturer's website and pick optimalnye circulation pumps (pumps, heating) right now.

Circulation Pumps (pumps heating) for heating, air conditioning, hot water, tap water

Exclusive Features of Taco 00R

The Taco 00R Cast Iron Circulator Pump comes with exclusive features such as a unique three-speed switch mechanism, universal flange of 4 bolts, highest initial torque and performance within its class, ability to fine tune it as per the requires system requirements. The 00R-MSF1-IFC Taco also comes with an assorted collection of applications, cartridge design of removable mechanism, efficient and quiet operations as well as its own self lubricating mechanism. The heavy duty type of construction enables this pump to last longer with a good deal of durability in design incorporated as well. The flanged construction with cast iron provides added ruggedness and durability.